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 What Statistics and Hall of Fame "awards" would you like in CreateDebate? (17)

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What Statistics and Hall of Fame "awards" would you like in CreateDebate?

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4 points

Most words posted and things of that sort are definitely going to encourage spamming, so you might not want to implement those.

How about most viewed/read debate?

How about the ability for senior members to monitor who has voted you up/down?

Also, a statistic showing who you most frequently agree/disagree with would be useful.

Some of these may be dangerous but they're possibilities.

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Most allies, Most enemies? :) Maybe not though... this could lead to friend-hording, and we know we don't need another MySpace.

How about most Agreeable/ Aggressive? If the site keeps track of up/down votes, maybe that'd be interesting. I dunno. This is the best I could come up with.

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How about a "people's choice?"

2 points

Here are some:

Most Popular Topic (most activity-arguments in topic)

Most Active Debate (most arguments)

Most Extensive Debate (most words)

Most Definitive Win (greatest side score difference)

Most Popular Argument (greatest score)

Worst Argument (lowest score)

Most Provocative Argument (most replies)

Most Extensive Argument (most words)

Most Prolific User (avg. # words/argument)

Most Words Spoken

Best Debate Creator

5 points

I don't really like the idea of "most extensive" because that encourages people to write novels for arguments. A well thought out argument shouldn't have to take up half the page and 1,000 words to make their point. I end up just skimming over those arguments anyways.

2 points

I think for the benefit of your site, and maybe you've thought of it already, have a "Top 10" of these, rather than just one. Hopefully it will shift/change through time so that this can be a popular page to find users or debates to join with or pick on. I'm just thinking of the now defunct Top Digg users that they don't do anymore, but was really interesting when they had it.

Supporting Evidence: Top Digg Users Live Example (not hosted on digg) (
2 points

The People tab is really just a much more dynamic version of Digg's old Top 10 page.

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jeff(48) Disputed
2 points

that one would be really easy to game. you might want to consider how many people actually participated after an invite, but then still it could be easy to game.

2 points

That blog post is cool. It is nice to see a stats roll-up like that and top debaters recognized. I would like to see some of the better debaters recognized on the site too. Would it be possible to change the Polaroid picture frame around the profile pics to another color or something once a debaters reward points pass a certain threshold?

I like the idea of:

- Best Debate Creator

- Most Provocative Argument (most replies)

- Most Definitive Win (greatest side score difference)

- Most Popular Argument (greatest score)

- Worst Argument (lowest score)

1 point

How about most-linked to? Kinda' like the way Google tells you the 'importance' of a page by rating the links.

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Greatest disparity in the largest sum of a debate.

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how about most handsome debater!

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pvtNobody(642) Disputed
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That's a no brainer it'd go to me every time ;).

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