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"White Supremacy" is a MYTH

Asian Americans today ENJOY the highest incomes, highest graduation rates and lowest crime rates. Now, we all know that Asian Americans were mistreated in the 1940's and 1950's, however with determination they were able to overcame the injustices that they faced. 

So with these presented FACTS we now need to answer the question as to why black Americans have struggled? The answer is because less than 20% of blacks are raised in duel parental households. That means that a high majority of black Americans are raised in single parent households. Drug addiction issues have led to MANY blacks being raised on the streets. This equals blacks having low graduation rates and high crime rates. Whenever we see Asian Americans being victims of hate crimes, these crimes are almost exclusively committed by young black men (the worst crime demographic per the FBI). Thee are FACTS. 

Asian Americans also have the lowest abortion rates. ThaT is opposed to 4 black women getting an abortion for every 1 white woman. That statistic is much higher in our cities. Now why are so many blacks having abortions. It's because young black men are not taking safe sex precautions because they understand that there are no ramifications if a black girl gets pregnant. Raised in the streets, too many blacks avoid responsibility while Democrats are readily supportive of absolving them of parental responsibility and murdering the black babies in abortion clinics that are strategically located in urban environments. 

The reason Democrats use the term "White Supremacy" is simply because  "Asian Supremacy" does not fit their twisted and racist narrative.  
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The reason why the success story of the industrious, innovative and hardworking Asians has been smothered by the Democrats/Wokes is that it would throw even more light on the slovenly ways and criminal disposition of blacks.

Once Asians are included in the comparison to blacks we would see that, with the possible exception of athletics, they outshine the Blacks in every field of human endeavour.

Once the darkies whinging becomes white and Asian privilege/supremacy, their well orchestrated allegations of racial discrimination BY WHITES becomes transparently phony and people will begin to look behind THE RACIST MASK to discover the real truth for the darkies self-imposed plight.

This is something the communist Democrats and Wokes cannot afford to risk.


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all racial narratives are myths. anyone who believes in them is weak and pathetic.