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What Was Your Favorite Film of 2014? (Explorer Movie Series #1)


The top films of 2014 are usually considered the following.... What was yours?

1. Boyhood (Critical Acclaim)

2. Interstellar (Massively Polarizing Reviews With It Being Considered Among The Best of the Year To The Worst)

3. The Grand Budapest Hotel (Critical Acclaim)

4. Guardians of the Galaxy (Critical Acclaim)

5. Birdman (Critical Acclaim)

6. The Lego Movie (Critical Acclaim)

7. X-Men: Days of Futures Past (Critical Acclaim)

8. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Critical Acclaim)

9. Under the Skin (Polarizing Reviews)

10. The Imitation Game (Positive to Critical Acclaim)

11. Edge of Tomorrow (Positive to Critical Acclaim)

12. Nightcrawler (Critical Acclaim)

13. Whiplash (Critical Acclaim)

14. Gone Girl (Mixed to Critical Acclaim)

15. American Sniper (Positive)

16. The Theory of Everything (Positive)

17. The Fault In Our Stars (Positive)

18. 22 Jump Street (Positive)

19. Mr. Turner (Critical Acclaim)

20. Wild (Positive to Critical Acclaim)

   You are free to add your own favorite film. This list was just the most commonly mentioned in my opinion and in no particular order. Please do the following.

1. List Your Favorite Film

2. Provide Reasons Why It Was Your Favorite Film

3. Feel Free To Challenge People Opinions With Respect of Course

   It Would Be Helpful To Show The Trailer For The Film You Think Was T

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Interstellar was my favorite movie of the year. I loved the music, visual effects, the acting, scientific accuracy, the story, the plot, almost everything about it was breathtaking. The only possible drawback would be the sometimes clunky dialogue and over exposition which I think was over hyped compared to the other masterful parts of the film. This will contain spoilers but only for the start of the film. (20-45 minutes out of a 169 minute movie)

When I first saw it in IMAX during the beginning scenes of the cornfield chase for an Indian Surveillance Drone I literally had a big wide smile of joy as I knew I would be in for a ride. It is massively helped by the musical score by Han Zimmer. I will say that the music that plays during the chase scenes reminds you of looking up at the stars in wonder and them twinkling in the sky. No spoilers but I will say the biggest and best part of the film is a scene in the middle and in the end. The first one will bring tears to you eyes while the next one conveys the feelings of epicness so well it literally becomes breathtaking.

The plot is masterful and seeing the 'blight' and dust storms spread throughout the land conveys a sense of dread and horror that is better then anything even in most horror titles. Although, that being said in a radically different way. Seeing dust move like a snake though out the land almost literally devouring anything that it touches is horrifying and yet I found it utterly fascinating. This is due and to a new and slowly terraforming landscape thanks to a new disease simply named for what it does 'blight' which killed off most of the worlds food crops. The only crops that can survive the new 'dust bowl' conditions are corn and okra and okra is already on its way out with the last harvest being the opening of the film. This is presumably due to genetic engineering to the crops which had genes, that the strain of blight could target although it presumably had some positive impact in the past.

It is implied that this caused a up roaring of anti-intellectual thought which caused schools to teach that the moon landing were faked in order to bankrupt the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics by pouring money into "useless machines" and it is presumably that it was not the only subject touched.

A scene in the middle of the film shows that Matthew McConaughey is still a great actor. Mackenzie Foy did a wonderful performance as well as did almost all the actors. It was simply breathtaking.

One of my favorite parts of the film was the Han Zimmer music which is most likely the best music of the year all by itself. It set the tone and mood so well and in a such a way that most films never use with music. In fact I never pictured an organ as space music. I do now.

Overall, it is my favorite film of the year and one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen in my life. I have never felt such as sense of wonder sense I watched for the first time Star Wars: A New Hope and Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back. Literally in some cinemas people were literally standing up and clapping and watching the credits roll. In the cinema I watched I don't remember anyone talking at all as the credits played nor did I see most people walking out. I saw blank looks and crying eyes on the people sitting next to me. I have never seen a look on most peoples faces like I did that day. It not surprising due to it subject matter and sometimes heavy handed dialogue polarizing audiences. That being said, you have to see if even if you love it or hate it and it will go down as my favorite film of 2014 if not the decade.

If you haven't watched this film yet go out and see it while it is still in theaters! It makes the experience even better! I loved it!

Interstellar Trailer

I didn't see very many this year at all. But for my #1 I'd go with Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It didn't have to be any more than a big, loud action fest, but it had some fairly thought-provoking materiel (at least for a comic movie) and easily some of the best action scenes and set pieces of all the Marvel Cinematic Universe films so far.

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By the way, you seem like a person that would like Interstellar! I personally loved it! Captain America: The Winter Soldier would most likely be my 2nd or 3rd favorite film of the year by the way so good choice there!

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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. When that messed up looking monkey was riding a horse with a machine gun in both hands, blasting away..... BAM! That shit was sick.

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Well played sir..... well played......... That part was pretty awesome. It is most likely my 6th or 7th favorite this year.

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Black Butler Live Action

Great action scenes that don't drag on, managed to represent the source material and have it's own story without being overly complicated, a perfect choice of lead actor, et.c

One thing I like about this franchise is that they have a really good excuse for how powered up the fight scenes are. Sebastian's a demon. Thus, he can kill many armed people using nothing but dining knives without it being unrealistic.

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Admittedly, I've only seen a few movies this year, but The Imitation Game really stood out to me. Cumberbatch was incredibly moving as Alan Turing and the movie was able to take on many meanings and ultimately send a positive message about his life but also highlight the barbaric treatment of homosexuals in England without over playing it too much.

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Easily that goes to Guardians of the Galaxy, with x-men a close second.

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Best Comic book movie is Guardians, without a doubt.

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i didn't watch many movies last year but X men : days of the future past was cool

"The Grand Budapest Hotel." I have seen this movie ten times. I like the story and the camaraderie that builds up between M. Gustave and Zero.

My favorite movie of 2014 is "The Grand Budapest Hotel." I like how this movie was directed and I actually had a wish that I could have been a Lobby Boy there. It was a regal hotel in full splendor back during its day but it was sad that the hotel decades later deteriorated and was finally torn down. It was the history that took place during the 1930's that catapulted the Grand Budapest Hotel to its glory. The movie was both a comedy and a sad story.