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 What are the twelve steps of recovery? (12)

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What are the twelve steps of recovery?

I am so sorry to this whole site. I have a drug problem. I am also suffering from depression. From, honey, while I still disagree with you, I am still sorry for the way I have been acting. I think the first step of recovery, is admitting you have a problem, and asking Jesus Christ to help you. It is not I who lives, but Christ who lives in me. I will work on my anger, fear, depression, and addiction. When I cool out, I will come back. I don't deserve forgiveness, but I have the fictional balls to ask anyway. My name is Dana, and I am a mentally disabled drug addict. I want help. If you ae an addict, you are NOT alone. If you want to be unbanned no matter what has happened in the past, I will get it done. Jesus bless you all. It is only by the grace, and mercy of Jesus Christ, that I exist, let alone, breath.
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You have fictional balls ?????????? Is that a transgender type situation ???????????

Redeemed(1423) Clarified
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It's an idiom. I was born a woman, and always will be a woman. The idiom of having balls means to have fortitude, and strength.

outlaw60(15375) Disputed
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You were born a woman but you have fictional balls ????????? LMMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Step one: you've already done it

Step two: stop doing whatever drug you're doing and smoke weed instead. Weed can fill the gap while not being as harmful and helping to manage many symptoms that you may be using other, less safe drugs to manage.

step three: Realize that you don't have to change everything at once. If you are smoking tobacco, just try to smoke less gradually. If you are having anger issues, recognize the true underlying reasons you are angry and try to mitigate it.

step four: stop being a christian and accept reality as it really is. I recommend studying evolution from a scientific perspective and re-evaluating what you have been taught from christian sources.

Step five: realize that everyone is a big fat liar and stop listening to youtube videos or MSM when it comes to politics.

step six: derive your morality from reason and empathy rather than faith or peer pressure.

step seven: stop eating the junk food that is probably fucking up your gut microbiome and effecting how neurotransmitters are balanced in your brain. (chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine among others are manufactured by bacteria in the gut and if you consume too much sugar and not enough magnesium for example it can fuck up your brain chemistry.)

step 8: eat many raw meats for the delicious neutreinsts (jk)

step nine: find new hobbies

step ten: find old hobbies that you lost

step eleven: get a puppy or kitten

step twelve have sex with the puppy or kitten

outlaw60(15375) Disputed
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Have you checked with Charlie Rose and Mat Lauer ??????????????????

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I love animals, and have a dog. I will spend time with Spooky. I plan on going to an addiction group..............................................................................................................................................

outlaw60(15375) Disputed
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That response has zero to do with the 12 steps to recovery !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

outlaw60(15375) Disputed
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Spooky knows about the 12 steps of recovery ??????????????????????????????

outlaw60(15375) Disputed
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Does Harvey Swinestein show some morality ?????????????????????????????????