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What are your favorite Euphemisms.(may cause offense)

Favorite or funny Euphemisms

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1. Smuggling Grapes=What a man wearing a speedo is doing.

2. Richard Cranium=A polite way to call someone a dickhead.

3. Vajayjay=What Oprah Winfrey has lately taken to calling her hoo-ha. See also Television, Women.

Supporting Evidence: more funny euphemisms (
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that see also thing was an accident. i copy and pasted. oops

I like Wizard's Sleeve or Hatchet mark for a vagina. ,

Dutch Oven: Under the sheets after one makes a fart. also the passion pit.

Dangle berries: Bits of turd stuck to ones butt hairs

Hand in the fishbowl: Feeding the pony

Mutton Musket: Penis

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Bangers, Beans, and Mash = It's a British euphemism for Penis, Testicles, Semen