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 What are your feelings on the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the US? (28)

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What are your feelings on the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the US?

CreateDebate has 50% of its traffic from outside of the US.  As a global community, please share your thoughts and opinions on the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the U.S. as we commemorate the 11th anniversary.

Please be respectful of the victims and their families when sharing your opinions.

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Whether you believe that it was done by terrorists or it was a conspiracy, the 9/11 attack succeed. Thousands died in the towers, thousands more died in Afghanistan and from both the wars and attacks, there have been many attacks on our privacy and rights, so whoever was behind this, you've done a good amount of damage to America and the other countries that are effected by the Anti-Islam views that this attack sparked.

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I don't necessarily support any nod to conspiracies at this point. I've seen them countered to my satisfaction.

However your conclusion is dead on. It was ridiculous and emotionally charged over reaction precisely when we most needed to be quantitative and realistic about it. It allowed for the loss of freedoms and far more death than ever should have been necessary.

I'd add it also allowed us to get distracted then either tricked on purpose or on accident into a completely unnecessary war and it allowed the true antagonist to get away for far too long.

Terrorism is not a military problem, it is a criminal problem. You cannot solve it with carpet bombing and declarations of war.

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Now this is something that I would have completely disagreed with when I joined this site that I now agree with completely. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 even when I was a kid I remembered being confused about "why Iraq" but then I quickly formed my opinion when I heard people talking crap about Bush cause that was a no no.. So me being for Iraq was really just a defense mechanism because I hated liberals. ..well I still do. (:

Although there is some pretty sketchy stuff about that building 7.. heaven forbid I mention the C word. not that one get your mind out of the gutter! (;

Edit: one thing I forgot to mention- you said something about a declaration of war.. -never happened.

Terrorism is not a military problem, it is a criminal problem.

Exactly, if there's some punk with a gun and he's called a criminal and they send the police, but put him half a world away in a cave in some third world country and he's called a terrorist and they send thousands of troops to invade the entire country. It just exploitation of the situation and the reactions it stirred up.

there have been many attacks on our privacy and rights

Yeah..., I really resent the TSA. I don't like my junk being groped by some ugly TSA agent ;)

It should just be scanners, metal detectors and a frisk, not a full body cavity search, last time I checked groping boobs and crotches doesn't make us any safer. WE could do away with the Patriot Act and the NDAA as well.

It's actually much worse getting groped by a stunningly beautiful TSA agent, because then all you want is for her to keep going and all she is tryna do is grope the next person in line.

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All I have to say is that 9/11 was completely avoidable. Whether you believe it was government conspiracy or plain idiocy, the United States government failed their people in the most reprehensible of ways. Their reaction to the attacks was arguably worse.

I'm not gonna bother with the sentimental bullshit, but let it be known that arguing over the cause of 9/11 is arbitrary. The only thing that matters is that only one entity could have stopped it, and they didn't do shit.

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Umm... Agreed?

The events of 9/11 terrorist attacks are tragic, yet whether the conspiracy theory of government involvement or non action of government is besides the point, the real fact is that government failed the American people, yet nobody holds them responsible, so what does the government do, it strips Americans of more liberties.

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One cannot help but wonder who really benifited from the 9/11 terrorist attacks...

Not hard to imagine that government benefits the most particularly departments and agencies affiliated with defense. They benefit from the power and further expropriation of property. Not to forget those in private defense contracts as well.

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The 9/11 attacks were pretty bad, but I think America make too big a thing about it. America themselves have probably killed an equal amount in Afghan children in the last few years than died in the attacks. Seriously, we've had far bigger tragedies. The Asian tsunami to name one.

And lets be honest, 9/11 was child's play compared to dropping nukes on Japan, that's what I call terrorism.

So yeah, sorry for your loss, but please be aware that your loss is not the only one in the history of the world.

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"And lets be honest, 9/11 was child's play compared to dropping nukes on Japan, that's what I call terrorism."

Exactly, I find it extremely hypocritical for the US to act as a martyer for the "free world" when they also ignore their own horrific acts.

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I totally agree, while 9/11 was a terrible tragedy, America has been involved in some very shady dealings with the Government and people supporting terrorism in other countries throughout history so while I was shocked and appalled by what happened that day there was part of me that thought you reap what you sow

This holds true for most major atrocities and the groups that were victims in them. For example, the Holocaust. It's been seventy years, yet to hear a lot of Jews talk about it you'd think it happened yesterday, the offense is so fresh in their minds. I see bumper stickers about the Holocaust that say "We'll never forget..." and I always think to myself they should add the line: "...and we'll never let you forget, either."

I'm not sure what it is exactly that makes people do this, perhaps a human need to wallow in our suffering, perhaps a human need to garner sympathy for ourselves, I don't know. I just know that the victims (or group targeted) of an atrocity are the last people who are going to stop bitching about it.

Also, nukes on Japan was an act of war, as we were at war with another country, a country that attacked us first, actually, and the bombs were dropped with the intent of destroying military targets, not civilian ones. This does not constitute terrorism. Comparatively, the 9/11 bombings were actually an act of terror, as they were supposedly carried out by a fanatical guerrilla militia that we were not at war with, that attacked us first, and that went out of its way to destroy civilian targets in the most horrific and deadly way possible.

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My respect for you grows ever bigger..!

It was horrible, my feelings on it are mixed, im sure alot of people dont believe they are being told the whole story and thats what we need is the whole story. I do think it was planned, which is very sad, because it means our country is not in our best interests. but 9/11 has been forgotten way too easily, maybe because people want to forget it, idk, but it was terrible, that whole day and the years after were just a mess, and it still is a mess, we finally killed osama and were still in the middle east... its pretty sad

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Of course it was bad! However, the amount of people saying things like "death to the rag heads" and other obscene racist things is uncalled for... What do you suppose my feelings are towards it? I don;'t think it is a good thing, and i don't think many other people do!

Yeah..., calling them rag heads is inappropriate. Especially since that head gear is NOT a rag. It's just a little folded sheet of cloth. A more appropriate term would be sheet heads. ;)

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Maybe BedHeads would be most appropriate if the cloth is really a sheet!

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I have deep-seeded animosity towards the U.S. government for failing to sniff out a terrorist plot that was 10+ years in the making come 9/11. I'm also resentful because their interventionism in the Middle East over the course of a decade or more played a role in instigating the attack. The events of 9/11 are not only terrible because of the massive loss of life, but it has propelled a "War on Terror" that is absolutely destructive economically and militarily.

Goblin6(210) Disputed
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Come to find out these same "intelligence agaencies" later tried to pull off Russian collusion, which was fake.

The attacks were traumatic and I felt so bad inside when I watched it on television.