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 What are your thoughts on this religious quote? (17)

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What are your thoughts on this religious quote?

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That's what happened with Christianity. God appears to people multiple times in Old Testament. Does he appear in New Testament? Nope.

You also have to convince people that he's all-loving and all-knowing. The all-loving part makes people more drawn to him. The all-knowing part makes people behave according to that religion's standards.

So... Convince them with love and control them with fear.

Couldn't have been said better.

trumpet_guy(502) Disputed
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Does he appear in New Testament? Nope. we go again

GuitarGuy(6096) Disputed
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What? Are you going to try and show me how much you don't know about your own religion again?

This is very true. You do not want people trying to perceive God because they will only be left with disappointment. You just can't know what to look for. God comes in many shapes and forms and sometimes even in the form of potato chips. God's power is limitless.

I believe there is another side to this argument where we (Christians) have not created God, but rather He is real, and all-powerful, etc. There's always that possibility, because of faith. We have faith that He exists, therefore there is the possibility that He does. I think life would be much more enjoyable if this debate would not continuously be brought up and instead we could all walk our different paths.

DrawFour(2662) Clarified
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I'm not insulting your religion or idea in saying "We have faith that unicorns exists, therefore there is the possibility that they do" I am simply applying your flawed logic to another observation.

As for this debate coming up, and everyone walking their own path, the reason this debates comes up, is because everyone isn't walking their own path, and as much as I hate to sound accusatory but it started with the religious. The religious press their ideology onto others who don't share the same religion and the only course of action left to those being oppressed is to force back.

BookBird101(575) Clarified
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Except that as far as I know, unicorns have done nothing to suggest their presence in the world, whereas people have experienced the healing power of God countless of times.

I'm not a religious Christian so I'm not going to defend them on that account. In fact I agree with you, some religious Christians love to smother others with their beliefs and opinions. They are also full of themselves and frustratingly narrow-minded... Then again, there's a good number of non-religious people who love bringing up the 'Does God exist?' argument every time, so they can crush Christian faith... everyone's responsible really.