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 What books should everyone interested in politics read? (13)

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What books should everyone interested in politics read?

Well read is well armed
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The Pact. This book shows that it is possible to publicly be partisan and combative while still being pragmatic and effective behind closed doors. It tells the story about how bitter enemies with extreme personal animus, Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich, put aside the ill feelings to accomplish legislation for the betterment of the country. A lesson all current or prospective pols should learn.

Atlas Shrugged Ayn Rand's over the top and wordy story of a liberal welfare state gone amok. Hard to take seriously but the parallels to so much of our own world are about as subtle as a brick upside the head. Nevertheless it is thought provoking and has lessons for us all about taking either extreme to its ultimate expression.

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Barack Obama's "The Audacity of Hope" is a great read. If you're still undecided on who to vote for I think that you owe it to yourself to read this book.

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These are some of the BEST of the classics!

George Orwells' "1984"

"A Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley

Alan Drury's "Advise & Consent"

"To Kill A Mockingbird " by Harper Lee

"Farenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury

Richard Condon's "Manchurian Candidate"

"Lord of the Flies" by William Golding

Joseph Heller's "Catch-22"

"Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand

Robert Warren's "All The King's Men"

These are more recent!

Ann Coulter: "If Democarts Had Any Brains They'd Be Republicans"

Unanimous: "I Hate Ann Coulter"

Joe Maguire: "Brainless"

Anonymous: "Imperial Hubris"

Christopher Andersen: "American Evita"

Hillary Clinton: "It Takes A Village"

Hillary Clinton: "Living History"

David Gallen: "Bill Clinton, As They Know Him"

Bill Clinton: "My Life"

Noam Chomsky: "Power & Terror" Open Media Collection; "9-11" Media Control" "Acts of Aggression"

Al Franken: "Lies And The Lying Liars Who Tell Them"

George Stephanopolis: "All Too Human"

Barack Obama: "The Audacity of Hope" "Dreams From My Father"

Richard Clarke: "Against All Enemies"

Bob Woodward: "Plan of Attack"

Gerald Posner: "While America Slept"

Arianna Huffington: "Pigs At The Trough"

Michael Moore: "Stupid White Men"

Jim Hightower: "Thieves In High Places"

Sheldon Rampton & John Stauber: "Banana Republicans"

Ziauddin Sardar & Merryl Wyn Davies: "Why Do People Hate America?"

Michael Medved: "Right Turns"

Diane Ravitch: "The Language Police"

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I love every single one of your classics. There are some authors on your list of current books I would never read out of deference to my blood pressure and such personal disdain I would not want to add a penny to their coffers, such as Coulter, Moorer, Franken and Huffington. I cant personally stomach Chomsky's moral relativism but I suppose his thoughts have value. There are many others on your list I haven't read but intend to on your recommendation. I think we should add the Federalist Papers to the list and any of a number of biographies of Jefferson and Hamilton as one really cant understand how we got where we are now without studying those two men.

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Hi Inkwell and thank you for your kind words. I would agree with you on reading books that go back in time to get a feel and overview for where we've come from. Our nation and its politics have changed so much through the years that to only read what is currently offered would be doing one's self a great disservice. The four volume work of Carl Sandburg on Abraham Lincoln - The War Years is a wonderfully written and important addition as well. I've read so much through the years and not just those which amplify the political aspects I agree with. I hope you find the books I've read as interesting as I have but keep in mind that I love to read about people and things from different viewpoints. Happy Reading! Oh, and BTW...if you're also interested in film there's an oldie starring Gary Cooper as General Billy Mitchell...the ace pilot from WW I who predicted we'd be hit at Pearl Harbor and how important it was for the USA to have an adequate Air Force. He faced a Court Martial, was stripped of his rank and all benefits...hence the title "The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell" Another military/political story involves the only service man ever executed by firing squad in this country for desertion since the Civil War. "The Execution of Private Slovik" which starred Martin Sheen who, in the same year (1974) made another made for TV movie titled "The Missiles of October" in which he played Attorney General Bobby Kennedy to William DeVane's President John F. Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Good stuff!!!

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Check out the link below to see the bestselling political books on Amazon. Has anybody read any of those? I'm just trying to figure out where to start.

Supporting Evidence: Amazon's Bestselling Political Book (
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All of the books I listed as being classic are novels spanning 50 some odd years. They were all terrific and many were made into film. There is much between the novels and the balance of those listed. I think I'd suggest the novel 1984 first if there is no person that currently interests you. I find politics fascinating...I think you do too. Start anywhere and I mean anywhere. Just choose a person, topic or time that interests you and take it from there. You'll never run out of books to read that's for sure!

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I think "1984" by George Orwell is an essential read for anyone interested in Politics, especially the dangers of politics. Others I would recommend:

"Rights of Man" by Thomas Paine

"Redemption" by Stanley 'Tookie' Willaims

"The Art of War" by Sun-Tzu

"The Prince" by Niccolo Machiavelli

"The Audacity of Hope" by Barack Obama

"To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee

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Al Frankens' "Lies and the Lying Liers Who Tell Them." (;

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Economics in One Lesson

What did the Government do to our money?

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