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What came first - the chicken, or the egg?

A question that may never be answered - What came first - the chicken or the egg?

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Neither. Genes gradually evolved over the course of tens of thousands of years, into what we see as a chicken, today. Why else would a chicken have wings but not be able to fly?

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i think the first chicken evolved before it layed an egg...

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Eggs come from chickens, but chickens also come from eggs, so any argument concerning either of those facts can be tossed out since they are self-nullifying.

Since those arguments are tossed out, we must realize that each chicken begins it's life as an egg, and so the egg must surely have come first. For the chicken to have come first would mean that an animal randomly appeared in existence, skipping over the first part of it's life. Since animals begin life as babies, and not as young adults, we can therefor come to the conclusion that the egg came first.

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Um the egg! it was not just chickens that laid eggs. insects, amphibians,reptiles, fish and the dinos all laid eggs. Even a primitive branch of mammals known as monotremes lay eggs. So no question eggs came before chickens, since most of the animals mentioned here came before the chicken!

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I believe it would always be the egg first. Oviparous animals will ALWAYS come from eggs, Lets say for example, a four legged bird once existed, lets call it a fricken. One day, the fricken laid its eggs as usual and a mutation occurs, a bird with just 2 legs, what we now call a chicken. So for this example; fricken -> eggs -> chicken.

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Have you ever seen anything just evolve in the middle of it's life? So it has to be the egg that evolved. A chicken's ancestor would not have suddenly changed into a chicken in it's short lifetime.

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some mad scientist made a hybrid of these two birds and got a chicken egg out of it

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