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 What causes are worth sacrificing your children over? (7)

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What causes are worth sacrificing your children over?

Hamas wants to destroy Israel and is willing to sacrifice Palestinian childrens in order to achieve their stated goal.  Apparently land is worth more than the lives of Palestinian children.

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This question makes me sick to my stomach. There is nothing worth sacrificing your children for.

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That was the point. This debate exists to point out the hypocrisy of defending Hamas and trying to make them out to be victims in all this. The only think they've achieved is a war in which innocents will die on both sides in a needless war.

Exactly and yet Hamas is willing to place Palestinian children in harms way in order to achieve their stated goal. People siding with hamas make me sick to my stomach.

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Hamas knows that if it launches enough rockets at Israel, eventually Israel will retaliate and innocent Palestinian children will die. The fact that Hamas continues firing rockets at Israel is an indication that it is willing to sacrifice Palestinian children in order to reach their stated goal.

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However many of these rockets are empty trash cans.

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Saving other peoples' children. If you feel that strong about your children, other people will feel just as strong about theirs, and you shouldn't bring that on other people

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Some children are a-holes.

Anyway, I guess the greater good of more children.

But most parents would selfishly, though understandably, still not sacrifice their own children.

No, the only thing in history parents have ever been willing to sacrifice their children for, are imaginary all powerful things in the sky called gods.

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