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What comes to your mind when you see a rainbow?

What comes to my mind is God's agreement not to send another flood to the Earth.

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This weirdo!

Double rainbow nutcase!
2 points

Easily excited, isn't he?

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Simple minds have the most fun I guess??? LOL

This is why people should not do drugs while masturbating ;)

He better check his underwear because I think he jizzed in his pants seeing a double rainbow.

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What comes to my mind?

A unicorn's queef.


Excellent. .

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My sister would always be surprised to see a rainbow and her reason would be that God is happy at us. So that is what i think when it comes to rainbows.

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Skittles. .

Haha nice one I give you a 10/10 for that statement.

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Leprechauns and me pot o' Gold !

Gay Pride Parades ;)

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My mom. She always loved rainbows and would get silly-excited if she saw one.

But if it's a double rainbow, then "WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?"

Side: What does this mean

For me it's "that is a rainbow". .

Side: What does this mean
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"I wonder if there is gold on the other side"


"oh look at the pretty colors"

Side: What does this mean

"The Wizard of Oz" with Judy Garland singing that beautiful song.

Side: What does this mean