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 What do CDers think of these ideas for the site, before I make a suggestion to Andy (15)

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What do CDers think of these ideas for the site, before I make a suggestion to Andy

I'm often in a debate, and you tell someone they've said something in a different debate, or wish to show a different argument in an old debate, and have to go linking the entire debate, some of which can be annoying to navigate especially once there's a ton of posts and I think it would be handy if instead of linking the debate, one could open an argument in a new tab and link straight to it.


Also I was also thinking that the window in which we type our arguments is kinda small, especially when a sizable response is called for, I think it would be cool if the typing window was openable as a new window or at least bigger.


So, watcha think?

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I'm on an Android phone so a lot of the times I don't feel like responding to long posts (in my argument activity). So I was thinking it'd be nice to be able to “star” or “save” any post for a later response. Kind of like the “watch later” that YouTube has.

I don't know if this is just me or whatever. :)

I think these are great ideas, especially the first .

Pretty good ideas, all in all. I don't have too much of a problem with that thanks to my handy dandy hashtags, but it'd be nice.

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I don't have too much of a problem with that thanks to my handy dandy hashtags,


Well, if I wanna link a specific argument I made, just put the url, then hashtage "arg...." whatever number. It's still inconvenient, but meh.

Here's an example of a link with a has tag: What_do_CDers_think_of_these_ideas_for_the_site_before_I_make_a_suggestion_to_Andy#arg276736

Note the '#' symbol (after the link to the debate) followed by the 'arg' keyword followed by the argument number.

click here to go to argument

You can get the number of a debate by hovering the mouse over the Support option.

This is all from a FireFox/Windows perspective. If you have an Android device, you'll have to figure it out. If you have an Apple device, throw it away and get one of the other devices aforementioned. ;)

I like the first idea. But, I need to investigate this hash tag thing.

The way I deal with the second part is open my text editor and type it in there. Then I copy and paste. There are people using smart phones and tablets so that needs to be taken into consideration. I think that jamesLeRoy was looking for someone to collaborate with in building a CD App.

If anyone knows of such an App, please share.

thnx ;)

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Your second idea is good but you can already make it bigger by expanding it on the right hand corner below the argument box to adjust the box.

I had tried that, but it didn't work, I tried it on this post and it worked, thanks, so maybe that's more an issue of my patience.

I'd still like to be able to open it as a new tab though.

First one is already used, you click on the orange 'Q' button, and it goes to the individual argument. So just copy the link address, and you have it.

Second one sounds very good, if it can be done well I'd love that.