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 What do Girls Look for in a Guy? (7)

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What do Girls Look for in a Guy?

Honest question because from what I have seen most girls go for guys who are shallow, selfish, and stupid. Maybe I just have had bad luck in life but I really wonder, what do girls want in a guy?

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Not every girl has the same tastes. Be yourself and if there is a girl you like then let her know. Don't change your personality for one girl tho. Having a connection with the girl is much more important than how hot she is, although, looks are very important in my opinion. I don't think I can date someone I don't find physically attractive...

Honestly? Someone who makes me laugh, loves me and who can take care of himself. I've dated ht guys, ugly guys, plain guys, sporty guys and nerdy guys.

These are the three requirements I have of any guy I date.

The only reason why these relationships didn't work was because I wasn't what they were looking for. So maybe the question we should be asking is "what do guys want in a girl?"

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Im not a girl however I have a feeling that they don't prefer guys who mock God with stupid spaghetti monster images.

Elvira(3446) Disputed
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I love pastafarianism and you really don't understand girls.

Have you been touched by his noodly appendage?

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Intelligence, sophistication, good looks,

...ha ha, yeah right...

There aren't any men like that out there.

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Like man has not been pondering this question since Eve flirted with that snake. Maybe a bigger snake?

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LMAO XD I came in here to answer the question but forgot everything I was going to say after reading this <3