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 What do you believe? (3)

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What do you believe?

What do you believe most firmly?

In other words, which of your beliefs are you most confident in the veracity of, if any?

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Here's what popped into my head... hopefully there's something to debate in there :)

That I exist

That I can effect change

That there are others

That I exist in relation to others

That health is of the utmost importance

That if we knew better we would do better

That the cause of laziness is lack of faith

There can be miracles,

If you believe,

Though hope is frail,

It's hard to kill.

Who knows what miracles,

You can achieve,

When you believe, somehow you will,

You will when you believe.

So, yeah. I believe in miracles. :)

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That everything exists, time is infinite, thus the universe is infinite and when you don't touch wood and close your eyes, all trees turn into fish.