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 What do you consider sexual totalitarianism/fascism? (5)

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What do you consider sexual totalitarianism/fascism?

I consider sexual fascism as the government stepping in on peoples sexual affairs.

For example telling people who they can & can't date. Arresting 16 year olds for dating 13 year olds. Arresting 18 year olds for dating 16 year olds.

Even arresting same age couples for having sex under the age of consent.

Arresting men for looking at pictures of naked girls aka banning porn.

Arresting teens for sexting each other.

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Sexual Fascism?

I guess that would be a sex act with the mixing of Socialism and Capitalism... and the sex act with the stressing of importance for Nationalism.

Sexual Totalitarianism?

That would be the ruling of only one gender for EVER. Like, a law made that the dictator must only be the gender chosen by that law.

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fascism & totalitarianism are where the government denies individual rights & controls every aspect of peoples lives.

what youre talking about makes no sense.

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no. Fascism is a system in which there is one ruler and opposition exists.

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WootWOOT! Gotta love that super-patriotic sex! "Oh, YEAH! That's good for my country, that's GOOOOOOOD!"

And I really hope girls get chosen, because we would make the best of it and have a bunch of fun- if guys were the only ones left, half of them would be awkwardly not making eye contact while the rest were in an orgie worthy of... worthy of the Romans.

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I think that you're taking this to an extreme.

Most states have Romeo and Juliet clauses, allowing minors to have sex with those who are no more than four years older. Many states have an age of consent of sixteen or seventeen (RESEARCH- do it). Most states have done away with sodomy laws.

Now, there's one thing about everything you've said: the government can only intervene if they know about it. If an underage girl sends a guy a naked picture of herself, no one will know about it until that picture gets sent to everyone at their school, posted on the internet, or otherwise brought to the attention of authorities. All of the problems associated with sexting are problems with problems becoming un-private, which is, to some extent, your own damn fault. I'm seventeen, and I've yet to take a nude picture of myself, much less send it to anyone untrustworthy. Maybe I'm the exception to the rule, but, either way, not everyone is doing it.

Underage sex is the same way- unless a couple is stupid enough to record it or unfortunate enough to get caught, they can't be prosecuted. There are easy ways to avoid either. There are unfortunate couples that are unjustly punished, yes, but not most couples.

Laws are changing, and are easy to avoid. It's like speeding- most people do it, knowing that there's a very small risk that they'll be caught, as long as they're sensible. Don't speed in front of cops; don't have sex in front of parents or cameras. BAM, SOLVED. I'm all for the age of a lot of things being lowered to sixteen, and I'm all for Romeo and Juliet clauses- however, there's just a whole lot of sensationalism for very few arrests.

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