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 What do you consider to be the best operating system? (7)

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What do you consider to be the best operating system?

There are numerous operating systems on the market. The purpose of this debate is for those with opinions to expound upon their beliefs regarding the merits of any (primarily) desktop operating system, although mentioning server and mobile opertaing systems is appropriate.

Some of the more common dektop OSes are Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X, and various Linux distributions.

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I have experience with multiple OSes and it seems that those in the UNIX family are superior to Windows. They provide more security and do not require the system resources that Windows does, but they must overcome support issues.

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I've used windows and osx extensively (and a touch of linux) and from my perspective windows has the advantage.

It beats out linux in commercial software, such as Adobe and autodesk products.

It narrowly edges out OSX for a similar reason. Much of autodesk is PC only and many of the open-source tools and utilities that I like and use are PC only or pc and linux. (Like Ultra copier, Folder size, etc...)

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That is an issue with Linux. Some software, such as Microsoft Office, is not naturally available for Linux without some modification. However, Linux has an advantage in other categories such as security and resource consumption, in addition to the fact that its open-source nature means that constant updates are available for many of the applications and system software on a Linux computer.

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as much as i love osx, and all of its clean working ability to do more with less (it can benchmark faster on the same machine than windows can, I've done it myself with my machine on ipc) however! i must say, custom windows beats out everything in my opinion, ive dual booted just about everything i can think of, yet i still ended up with xdark on all of my machines. they run faster than stock windows 7, come with updated tools, and no bloat-ware. sped registries and cleaner interfaces. all together, they just do more faster than any other operating system I've played with. windows also has the advantage of the incredible amount of software thats available for it vs osx or linux put together.

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I have come to appreciate Mac OS X. I made the switch when I needed to replace my desktop computer and all that was available from MS was Vista.

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I think Apple Yosemite in 2015 is the best operating system. It works swell for me.

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For me Unix-based systems such as Linux Debian or, Ubuntu are better because they have a stronger shell and are better for programmers. Personally Debian is my favourite operating system because I do a lot of programming. But there may be many good points about windows too.

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