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 What do you do for a living? (19)

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What do you do for a living?

This debate was done awhile back, but with all the new people I'd thought it'd be fun to do it again. :) 

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Okay, I'll go first. :)

I'm a stripper and a waitress.

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Well, forget it now Saurbaby... mine would just sound boring compared to yours! ;)

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Hahahha, waiting tables IS boring though. And you already knew about it. I'm curious about what you do :)

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because I always support dancers ;)


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Hahahahaha, if you're ever in NC you can support me some more by coming to visit. ;)

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Crypto Linguist in the USAF.

computers. .

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You do computers? lol

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Tamer of lions, international organizer of orgies, part time pirate captain part time captain of crunch. I put the replay in foreplay and the fun in dysfunction. Nice to meet you, I'm David Heintzelman. I was going to ask if heaven's missing an angel but I was kinda hoping you were a slut...

At least that's what I usually tell strippers.

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I don't think I know how to reply to that. lol

You wouldn't get a dance from me like that. X) Though some of the girls love that stuff e_e

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lol, speed and confidence of any similar reply go a long way :p. $20 always goes further though.

2/3 last X's danced so I'm well aware it's a game the vast majority of the time. Nearly every one is married or has a bf. I just have fun with it the rare occasion I go ;) Tell them about my past with the CIA, what the surface of the moon looks like, if they want to feel the rocks I brought back with me, etc.

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I work in a local grocer that sells organic and commonplace items side by side. Folks get a kick out of that sort of thing here. I have a dozen stories a day to tell about terrible customers. At least the kids are cute, and the hours good.

Financial Advisor, an independent contractor for unnamed firm.-----------------------