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What do you feel Biden has done better than Trump, if anything


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He's a better liar.

He's been significantly better than Trump at emboldening our enemies.

He has beaten Trump hands down at making America the laughing stock of the world.

Not only has he beaten Trump at importing criminal illegals but he has eclipsed every President in the history of the U.S., at swamping the nation with the disease ridden low lives of the failed countries of the world.

Biden's trump beating, and indeed world beating, so called stimulus* program has ensured that inflation will soar to new record heights.

You name anything negative and you can be certain that Biden will have beaten Trump.

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Everything. Including (And especially), hiring the best people ;-) most of whom havn't been arrested.

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Hamburger(79) Disputed
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Everything. Including (And especially), hiring the best people ;-) most of whom havn't been arrested.

In other words, forget that he has done nothing better than Trump, has been far inferior to Trump, and here, let me deflect to some unrelated bs because an attack on something unrelated to my quality of life is the best I can come up with. Fair enough. I couldn't come with anything he's done better either.

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excon(15711) Disputed
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because an attack on something unrelated to my quality of life is the best I can come up with. Fair enough. I couldn't come with anything he's done better either.

Hello burger:

I dunno.. When the Trump appointed heads of government agencies are CORRUPT, it DOES affect your quality of life.. I don't understand how you don't understand that...

Ok.. You're a Trump cultist.. NOW, I understand..


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Joe Biden was elected for one reason and one reason only, to not be Donald Trump. And what did that mean? It meant to be a unifying sense of normalcy. Only problem is, Biden is neither A) unifying or B) a return to normalcy.

Last summer, Biden very publicly criticized Trump's handling of the pandemic. Saying that Trump did not have any sort of plan to get things under control. He bragged in the same tweet "I do". Today, COVID cases are skyrocketing all across the country. Even if you want to give him leniency and say the cause of the surge is Republican obstructionists or his lack of supreme executive power, I'd ask "How is that any different from what Trump was dealing with?" If anything, all Biden demonstrated in that now infamous tweet was that he was playing partisan politics and had no real solution. Because...get this, no one can contain the virus. It was Trump's fault. Accusing him of fouling it up was merely politics.

In addition to that, he loves to make examples out of Florida and Texas as the failures of Republican leadership and how they are preventing him from saving lives. Only problem is...Florida and Texas, by the numbers, have actually handled the pandemic better than about 90 percent of Biden's favorite Democrat states with lower death rates, lower unemployment, and more personal freedom. And you also have to wonder why Biden never mentions Louisiana during the Delta. By the numbers, Louisiana is experiencing a surge greater than Florida or Texas. Could it be because Louisiana has a Democratic governor? Of course it is, because Joe Biden is not a "unifying" figure, he's a partisan hack. And I'm not saying Trump wasn't a divisive, partisan president either. But when Biden was specifically elected to BE the unifying figure, he's failed tremendously.

In addition to that, if a "return to normalcy" means spending more money than has ever existed, growing government to its largest reach in history, knowingly and blatantly violating the constitution and saying "I'll do it anyway", promoting things like Critical Race Theory and Wokeness (which are just synonyms for Marxism) in the armed forces and public schools...than sure, he's a return to normalcy. But that means normalcy was garbage.

Lastly, pretty much the primary purpose of the Executive branch of the Federal Government was to handle two things: protect the national borders, and to negotiate for foreign policy. Trump managed four historic peace deals in the middle east. Twice as many as the previous six presidents COMBINED. In Biden's short tenure, he's allowed the Taliban to reclaim their rule in Afghanistan and allowed for a missile crisis to spark up in Israel thanks to his pro-Iran positions. And as far as protecting the borders. March broke the record for illegal border crossings in US history...until it was broken in April. And then AGAIN broken in May. And then AGAIN broken in June. And AGAIN broken in July. And it's still too early to tell, but my guess is August will be a record-breaker as well.

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Biden's variation on an old song;-

Anything Trump can screw-up I can screw-up better,

I can screw up anything better than Trump.

The question is, what will the political and economic landscape look like if Bumbling Biden is allowed to serve a full 4 years to sabotage the country?


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If you open your eyes for ten seconds and look at the question you asked, you will see how stupid you look. He thought it was a good idea to pay teens more, and who doesn't like more money, well it won't feel like more money if you are paying more money for stuff like gas and clothes and food. Inflation sucks don't it

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