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What do you like and dislike most about Romney?

As there are less than two weeks until the United States Presidential Election, I was hoping to get a final tally of all the think people like and dislike about each candidate.

Here is your opportunity to share what you think about OBAMA!

Don't Hold back!


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I do like that he is an entrepreneur. He seems to understand economics more than Obama, even though he's still pretty much a Statist.

He's against some subsidies but still supports others, so like DOMA with Obama, it's a meh issue.

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I like his ecomomic plan. I am personally against the income tax, i think we should instead

1)set up review boards to oversee the government beuros and program to insure that they are keeping track with their intiall goal and not overspending.

2)increase certain optional taxes such as car restration.

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I think his economic plan will work pretty well. Btw Up there ^^^ it says "Here is your opportunity to share what you think about OBAMA!"

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1. Pretty much drafted ObamaCare.

2. Agrees completely with Obama on foreign policy.

3. Believes that there "has to be regulation" and that "a guy can't just open a bank in his garage."

4. Believes in increasing military spending.

5. Supports the NDAA.

6. Has no intention in ending the drug war or even legalizing marijuana.

7. Is against gay marriage.

8. Supports bailing out corporations.

9. Also supports the Federal Reserve.

10. Pretty much the same thing as Obama with minor differences.

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Looking that Romney and what Obama did, the differences are so minor that it is amazing how much hatred is for one candidate to the next.

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JakeJ(3255) Disputed
2 points

Where are you getting all of this?

I get that he's not a libertarian but that doesn't make him Obama in sheep's clothing.. if ya know what I mean.

I'm not trying to be nit picky, I really want to know where you're getting this.

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ThePyg(6736) Disputed
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Basically his views on the idea of government still being the major driving force behind the government. He supports a Federal Reserve and a type of regulation that he believe would do better. He only supports tax cuts for the rich, and not removal of the Federal income tax or a real hard look at what exactly our tax system is.

He is all for bailouts. He is all for subsidizing things that he finds important. His views on foreign policy are pretty much the same as Obama. Threaten N. Korea and Iran with force if they continue to do nuclear testing. Continue the wars while promising a "withdrawal date" for Afghanistan at the same time that Obama has proposed. Of course, Obama "withdrew" troops from Iraq and didn't actually end the war there, because he left some there. They will likely do this for Afghanistan as well.

They are the same on drug policy. Romney may believe in traditional marriage while Obama is okay with gay marriage, but neither of them are going to do anything about it. Romney has even mentioned that abortion is not an issue he will focus on as president. Obama and Romney both support the NDAA and PATRIOT Act. They both support pretty much all branches in government. There is very little real difference between them and the course of the country will continue whether you vote for one or the either.

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2 points

Hes sketchy. There's something he's not telling us....2012 illuminati .... this is what the Myans predicted

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He's totally inconsistent. I believe it realistic for people to grow and change their opinions over time, but during his campaign he has historically changed his opinion on practically a day-to-day basis.

A liberal, a moderate, and a conservative walk into a bar. The bartender asks, "What'll it be, Mitt?"

The basis of my greatest dislike for him isn't what I know of him. It's what I don't know of him. He has contradicted himself so many times, I don't even know his permanent stances on practically anything. On a good day, this discourages me as to what his motives may be. On most days, this makes me feel like he is a liar, and I do not wish to vote for a liar.

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I do not wish to vote for a liar.

Not exactly an isolated case though ;)

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I dislike the fact he clearly is for the supporting of the more wealthy side of America. I also do not like the fact he referred to a particular group of women with files, as "a binder full of women".

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This video pretty much sums up my feelings on good 'ol Mitt.

Mitt Romney Style
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He favors the rich and he does not want Gay Marriage legalized. Also, when I read how he placed a doggie in a crate to the roof of his station wagon, I was appalled.

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