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 What do you listen to when you need to think? (19)

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What do you listen to when you need to think?

very op-ed question.  Whether it's a genre, a band, song, or specific style let it out.  What helps you think?

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Uh, mostly the voices in my head. When I need to think, I don't listen or pay attention to anything around me; my thoughts will take a life of their own and tune everything else out. However, I think best when completely alone. If I'm around people too much, I become a retarded robot who never thinks because I don't have the opportunity, and it drives me insane.

I'm deep in thought currently and aphex twin is helping out a great deal. Always has and always will.

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yeah Aphex Twin, especially his ambient stuff does the trick. Also Boards of Canada, Geogaddi especially and also classical stuff- I like Bach for that purpose

Very true. I'm listening to his ambient works, disc two, as we speak. What is comparable to boards of canada?

I would also like to honor a great musician that just passed away and was left under the rubble of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackon....Sky Saxon.

You know, I listen to Pink Floyd or Planet X ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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When I wan't to think I listen to Jack's Mannequin. I get lots of positive thoughts.

But sometimes it's fun to listen to Pink Floyd and just let your imagination run wild. =D))

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Anything instrumental. Usually classical, if anything.

Otherwise music distracts me.


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I have a plethora of mood music including semi-classical and classical music I listen too when I need to think. I turn the volume down so I can barely hear it so I can turn my attention to the thoughts that envelope me. It usually sets the tone for really deep or important thought for me. I like my relaxation CD's the best since they include a combination of the above and are not too heavy so they enhance my ability for thought.

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So what would be on that compilation?

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I have tinnitus so I pretty much listen to the ringing in my ears ;)

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I actually can't listen to classical music while I'm trying to think; I get far too into it, since the classical that I enjoy is generally very dramatic.

When I need to think, my ideal situation would be Simon & Garfunkel and a substance that makes it all that much clearer....

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Rush, Led Zepplin, Iron Maiden. Something that not only rocks but has a thought provoking aspect to the lyrics.

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Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, The Avalanches, Justice, Metronomy, NIN's Ghost I-IV... Pretty much any electronic/ambient with a constant beat and no lyrics. Real instruments and lyrics are naturally distracting.

I'm really bad when it comes to music, I know nothing except how I feel when I'm listening, so it's difficult to explain myself.

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I've always thought that listening to music doesn't help you focus, it just makes you less aware of the periods where you lose focus. If there's no music, your mind will eventually wander and then you'll be like, "Whoops, better back to work"; but if there's music playing then when your mind wanders you'll just end up listening to the music. So I think that while listening to music makes you feel more productive, it actually makes you less productive.

If I have to work in a noisy environment I'll just google "streaming white noise" and end up here. Although I'd much rather just move to a less noisy environment.

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I listen to my boyfriends voice, I don't know what it is about his voice, it just helps me to unravel my thoughts and think straighter.

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I have a sound soother machine and I turn it on to "Wind" when I want time to think.

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