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 What do you look like? (4)

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What do you look like?

Kind of pointless,  but, yeah youknow...

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You know... brown hair, green eyes, 5'1, Always wearing the strange clothes. ;)

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I'm 5'0 and done growing... and yes I've heard all the short jokes. Over and over again. I have bluish/greenish/grayish eyes and dark brown hair (although some people call it black).

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5'10" Blue eyes, blonde. An imma hippie stoner tomboy chica that dresses punk/gothish. lol. 2 tats n 8 piercings :)

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Strong,musley know bright eyes that sparkle!

That kind of guy you know what I mean!

Bright blue eyes,big smile,rock and roll kind,bloned hair!You knnow the type!:)