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What do you rep: Red or Blue?


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I thought everyone liked blue...

Well it depends on what it is, like, I would much rather the sky and ocean were blue as opposed to red.

But red is sexier, and red cars look cooler.

But if I get a cut it's red... and that makes me blue :(

Plus Santa does wear red, as Kuk pointed out. And he used to give me stuff once a year, but he quit for some reason... kind of an ass.

Chicago Bulls wear red also, and that's the only sports team I ever really followed,

So there ya go.

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Red All Tha Wayy.!!!! If I Had To Choose Of Course., I'd Choose Red.!! Redd Forever.!! XD Hahaha.

Side: Red

I like both but red more because it means love.

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Red is the color of my skin after any sort of light jog or tough workout. No matter what after I've even done a few push ups my skin turns red so I have to go with red because bulls hate that color and I hate bullies. :P

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Red is my color all the way and always has been...even my first car was fire engine red! But red is a great accessory color as evidenced during the Holiday season or Patriotic holidays. The red bows, Santa's red suit, red candles, red lights, red wrapping paper, poinsettias and a number of other things make them all stand out. The red of our Flag and bunting as well as fireworks also do justice to the color.

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How do you vote someone down on a debate like this? This is getting tiresome you POS!

Side: Red

Blue. Did I meet my 14 character minimum yet?

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Blue is the best color it makes me smile everytime I see it. It is the color of the sky and ocean, which both are very pretty!!

Side: Blue

Blue is one of my favorite colors. My eyes are blue, and I wear blue shirts a lot.

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BLUE, though I am a republican but whatev.

Dark Blue actually.

Dark Blue - Jack's Mannequin
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Also Dallas Cowboys ware blue so, ..yeah. ....This will get down voted for sure.

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The colour blue soothes my soul whereas the colour red agitates me.

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I like blue because it reminds me of a blue sky or of the ocean.

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It reminds me of blood... I'm sorry to say that word.. but..

It's true. And Bule makes our feeling good. It's proved scientifically as far as I know..

Side: Blue