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 What do you say to your 7 year old daughter when LGBT groups target her on commercials? (4)

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What do you say to your 7 year old daughter when LGBT groups target her on commercials?

When watching a nice family movie with your daughter, and a pro LGBT commercial showing two women kissing and planning their marriage, comes on. What are you suppose to do?

What do you do when your innocent impressonable child sees this and asks what are they doing? The Hallmark channel had a policy of not showing such controversial adult topics for this very reason, but were targeted by activist LGBT groups threatening them with loss of sponsorships.

This is where America is at. Our way of life, our children's innocent minds are under attack by activist LGBT groups. These groups have their bully pulpit in the Democrat Party, and if you do not fall in line with their LGBT activism, you will  be forced to bow to their authoritarian will. It's Big Brother at it's worse!

So answer this simple question... would you want your child targeted by some Westboro Church anti Gay commercial while watching a nice family movie?

No? I don't blame you, Christians would never try to force movie channels to show evangelical salvation commercials against their will. Christians do not try to force themselves onto your children. Why do you say nothing when these LGBT groups keep pushing their agendas onto our impressionable children? We never see Christian salvation messages on non religious channels. Why does the Left keep doing it? Why do you say nothing when LGBT groups target our children, when you would hate it if Christians did it.

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I won't hold my breath for your answer. Leftists never answer questions when they know what I say is true.

When watching a family show with your child, what would you say to your 7 year old if a commercial came on showing a hunter shooting a deer, and then gutting the deer for butchering?

Would you complain to the sponsors that you do not want your child conditioned with pro hunting messages?

Why? You have no problem when the Left constantly conditions our children with pro LGBT propaganda!

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The lesson they learn from seeing two women kiss is: two women can love each other. This is a factual observation about the world. A child's natural inclination will be accept this as an amoral issue: it is neither right nor wrong it just is what it is. Then if the parents want to teach them that these individuals are evil - that is up to them. Cartoons feature villains too.

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Thanks for the response, and not one insult towards me! That deserves a response with no insults as well.

I hope you have been a parent so you might understand what it is like raising up a child to share the values important to the parents. We all love our children and will do all in our power to give them a wonderful life grounded in the values we hold dear.

So you are trying to say that children will not be affected when bombarded by a political correct culture, as long as the parents set them straight?

Under your logic, parents should not be so concerned when their children hang around unsavory classmates, or peer groups. You are saying that the children will ignore the bad influences on them as long as the parents set them straight?

We all know this is not true. We all know that kids can be affected by peer groups no matter what parents tell them.

Yes, LGBT activists want our children to believe that it is natural and normal for two women to love each other. This is their goal regardless what parents believe.

To millions of parents, it is NOT natural or normal for two women to love each other. We believe it goes against the Science of Biology and the natural order to our body's design.

We don't care how people live their lives or who they choose to love. It is their business to live as they choose. The problem here is that they want to force MY children to believe that their lifestyles are natural and normal. MY CHILDREN!

Do you understand that no one has the right to come into my home or school, and indoctrinate MY CHILDREN to believe things that go against my values and beliefs.

We both know that if White Supremace groups garnered enough political power to influence the content of commercials being aired on family programming, you would be outraged. You would not simply accept these types of commercials being used to indoctrinate your children.

Would you be so open minded to allow your children to accept this as an amoral issue, even though you can later teach them that these groups were evil?

How would a Pro abortion parent like it if their child watched a Pro life commercial during family programming?