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Fucking terrible propaganda! He's tellin the truth
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What do you think about Wild Bill For America?!

Fucking terrible propaganda!

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He's tellin the truth

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I watched it until the dude went all spastic while describing Wild Bill... that was like 20 seconds into the video. But I can pretty much assume that a guy who goes by the name "Wild Bill for America" and wears a cowboy hat, is probably a crazy redneck.

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I have an announcement about Wild Bill I confronted him on Youtube however he he gave himself the last word by replying and blocking me! And he says he's for free speech.

Side: Fucking terrible propaganda!
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I doubt he is even real, if anything he is a liberal masquerading as to parody conservatives, he seems to be too perfect of a strawman

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Hey, how is everybody doing today? I hope you all are having a pleasant day, and will continue with a very fine evening.

Thank you, and goodnight.

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It is highly unlikely, but I am sure wild bill is speaking the truth.

We hicks gotta stick together!

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