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What do you think about the new Doctor (who)?

what are your thoughts of the new Doctor?

Im excited

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Bring back tennant

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I think it is cool that they are bringing back the "old" doctor. He just has an intellectual look about him.

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My only regret is that he his not Ginger. (Whovians should be able to get that joke.)

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Huh. Interesting, I can see Capaldi playing that part, but I REALLY, REALLY wanted Benedict Cumberbatch to play as the 12th Doctor, or as some role in Doctor Who (The Master, anyone?).

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For Tennant was the best doctor. Matt Smith was also good but not as good as Tennant. But overall I will I am exited for this new doctor cause I wanna see how well he plays "The Doctor"

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I love Sci-Fi but I didn't know jack about Dr Who and I saw that it was on Netflix so a couple weeks ago I watched the first episode.... yeah, that was the worst shit I've seen in a long time.

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It gets better, but it can be something of an acquired taste.

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Maybe I'll give it another try. I love British humor but most other British TV sucks IMO.

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Bring back Tennant. The only Doctor I found cute...;(!


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