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 What do you think of Penn and Teller: Bullsh*t! ? (6)

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What do you think of Penn and Teller: Bullsh*t! ?

Their shows can be debated here
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4 points

It is a very entertaining show, but they are a little heavy handed with their points. Enjoy the ride, but make up your own mind on the issues.

2 points

They are very evangelical, but it's their show. I just happen to agree with Penn on practically every point. He's my hero.

3 points

A lot of the topics covered by Penn and Teller on their show would make good debates on here. Most of them probably are. Watching that show is a good precursor to coming on this site and debating the topics.

1 point

Their show is very entertaining. But lately Penn has been doing a lot of 'preaching' off-stage. He has a right to his opinions, of course. But speaking out on many topics makes him sound egotistical and makes me less likely to pay to see their show. Penn should take a lesson from Teller about talking too much.

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I think it is a great show and it brings light to a lot of issues. I don't agree with them on everything, but for the most part I do.

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