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 What do you think of the Democratic candidates so far? (3)

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What do you think of the Democratic candidates so far?

So far the ones I kind of like are Sanders, Yang and Williamson. Sanders is my favorite, as he seems like the most Socialistic and class-conscious as well as being relatively honorable for a politician. Yang is also nice and progressive but his policies are somewhat risky because some are untried and untested unlike Bernie's policies which have demonstrably worked in other countries. Williamson is the biggest risk because she is almost totally lacking in real direct experience in statecraft or administration of any kind. I like her somewhat though mainly because of what she said about not only reforming the healthcare system but reforming environment/food/pharmaceutical policy to make the country itself more healthy in general.
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The Congress usually flips to the party without the Presidency. These candidates won't be able to pass any of the crap they promise, and they know it, which is why they're promising it to any idiot stupid enough to believe the shit.

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A bunch of mental children who have never lived in real life and think like kids rather than grown adults.