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 What do you think will cause the next world war? (15)

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What do you think will cause the next world war?

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I maybe out of turn, but I'm playing the Trump card .

lnstantgator(78) Disputed
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Roflmao. such cleverness you deserve metal.

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Outrage at the number of accounts you have created will undoubtedly be the cause.

lnstantgator(78) Disputed
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Really? How so? Plenty of people make accounts. Do you only use one website? Why specifically me? Hmmm?

pirateelfdog(2655) Clarified Banned
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I regret to inform you that I was merely creating humor, primarily for my own benefit.

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Information overload, misinformation, misunderstanding, miscommunication misuse and the resulting social upheaval

lnstantgator(78) Disputed
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How so? Isn't this already happening? Can you elaborate? I hope so ,seems interesting. Please Explain the process to your conclusion.

DKCairns(869) Clarified
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A good example is what is happening in Syria.

Russia supports Assad, the Coalition support the Syrian rebels and are against IS.

Iran is sending fighters to support Assad, Hezbollah by proxy are supporting Assad in the south - all Shiite clans - except for Russia of course....!

Assad is reputed to have said about IS that being in Syria is not unfortunate because they are his enemy and IS are also his enemies (the US led coalition forces + Kurds etc) enemy.

So any conflict of interest, misunderstanding, misinterpretation etc etc among all these players, Iraq, Syria, Russia, Iran, Lebanon, Kurds, Turkey, US, and the US led Coalition countries, etc etc and the social upheaval that is happening because of the huge refugee crisis in Europe especially in some countries who are simply "kicking the can down the road " and some countries who are really doing something about taking them in, so there are those who are for and those who are opposed to their presence

All of this needs to be managed well because Plan A is in the development stage and no one appears to have a Plan B so if it all goes pear shaped there will be unforeseen outcomes so I hope everyone involved treads very carefully through this minefield.

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Pumpkin Spice Latte shortages .

lnstantgator(78) Disputed
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HAH! Hoo...HAH Ha. How so? Explain how you reach this conclusion.

lupusFati(790) Clarified
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The white girls will storm America and then the world in search of their addiction. It'll be like a zombie apocalypse but with coffee.

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in my opinion the next world war will be because of the clashes between india and china as russia will be standing behind india and china will also have some nation to support it

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Putin, and an arrogant Republican President, should we elect one. A man who says: "How could I be gangster? I was KGB!" is capable of strange reasoning and unthinkable reactions. To simply go after the man with hubris and "bravery" is a recipe for disaster!

As Einstein said: "I know not with what weapons WW3 will be fought, but WW4 will be fought with spears and stones."