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What do you tink about teachers carrying guns?

will it benefit schools?

Great idea.

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well, it would all have to depend.

1. is it secure where only the teacher can get to it?

2. has the teacher been checked (psych, crimes, etc.)

3. what kind of school is it?

with things like Columbine and VT, it's obvious that a gun in the right hands can save many lives from a gun in the wrong hands, but we have to make sure it doesn't lead to something worse.

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I beleave this is a great idea. Think of the VA Tech Shooting, I was their, i know that if the professor i was with had gun, i would have felt a whole lot safer and the room would have been calmer. However, i do beleave that every teacher carrying a gun must have a concealed weapons permit (obvious). Compare it to this, If a police man is to walk into a school he isn't required to disarm himself. In police training you take classes equivalent to those of a Concealed weapons permit. And just becouse the police man is employed by the state means nothing. In essence the teacher is equivalent to the police man.

Side: The Right to Bear Arms
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The gun is the problem, not the student. Consider this, if Cho could not receive a firearm, would he have been able to massacre as many has he did? Indeed, taking your argument to the extreme, why not arm each student too? I'm sure you'd have been much safer knowing that you could shoot back.

Moreover, the police serve to regulate citizens, teachers are there to educate future citizens. These are two distinct roles. Teachers are not policemen.

Side note "There" not "their"

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I think that providing teachers with a mechanism to defend themselves is a good idea, as long as they are properly trained and the weapon is properly secured. Given the right precautions are taken, this could help prevent or mitigate a lot of the tragedies that have taken place on school campuses in the past several years.

Side: The Right to Bear Arms

Teachers need protection. Except for that Hitler teacher.

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altarion(1955) Disputed
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I don't really know whether do argue with you or agree with you, because I agree with half, and disagree with half. That Hitler teacher should not be given a gun. ESPECIALLY if he tries to impersonate the big "H" himself. However, there are much safer ways to protect teachers than giving them guns. If anything, giving them guns will lead to more problems than solving them. Because some teachers are irresponsible and fall asleep during class, or leave it in the class with some students, it can lead to very dangerous situations.

Also, there is the "I'm so busy I forget my own clipboard" approach by P.E. teachers. Since they are always up and walking around, if they don't have their gun holisterred in it could very easily fall out and they wouldn't notice.

And lastly, there is the "Oops! I forgot to put my safety on!" aspect that needs to be put into consideration. Most likely the majority of teachers at any given public school have not held a firearm before, and even if they are trained for the first time and given a gun, they may not be used to it and can forget to put on the safety and end up firing it by accident, causing fear and confusion throughout the entire school once that gunshot is heard.

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You can't possibly agree with me because I was being sarcastic.

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There could be additional courses and training required for teachers on top of the normal permit process. They are in a situational setting that would require different awareness. Any argument against it is moot, anyway, as the Second Ammendment should prevent any sniveling from cowards. Just think how low the death tolls could have been from any school incident that's happened in that last 20 years. Carrying a gun and being trained to properly and safely use it would make a teacher more respected and a better person as well.

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get teachers armed ??????

just imagine a massmurderer attack in a school with armed teachers. Within seconds the murderer is in the classroom doing his evil work. No time for the teacher to get the weapon from a save and locked place.

Or the teacher has to wear the weapon at his body. He needs free and immideate access within seconds. But that means permanent unsafety to the students and the teacher. For example, because the teacher is in a terrible bad mood or is getting psychotic or is in rage ororor

From a european point of view it is an absurd and obscene debate to arm teachers.

How much anxiety must be in the american society that so many people are in such a desperately need for deadly weapons? How is it possible that people declare the campus of a school or a university to a battlezone? Thats just pervert.

The easier the access to weapons the higher is the chance that wrong people get one.

The more widespread weapons are the higher the chance that normal conflicts between ordinary people are not solved by words or fists but by deadly bulls.

Its just that we as europeans don´t understand why the americans doesn´t see what´s obvious: With weapons life is more dangerous, without weapons life is less dangereous. Without weapons the children of newton and their teachers would be alive celebrating christmas with ther families and so on.

In my view Safety und Security are very important values. For my neighbourhood, for the city where i live and for the country too.

But my expierence is that Safety and Security are not based on weapons but on social stability, access to basic human needs (food, water, housing, health insurance) and moral values.

Just look to europe. In many european countries its not allowed to own a weapon. With a few exceptions. The numbers of shootings and massmurderings are very very low. And the europeans are NOT better than the americans. There is just one reason why our shooting-rates are lower: For average people it is very very difficult to get in possession of a weapon. There is no legal market, there a high restrictions which make it nearly impossible for a private person to buy a weapon, except hunters and some sportsmen.

And therefore the probability for a person with actual mental health problems or low intelligence or without empathy oder with too much testosteron is very low.

Sorry for the mistakes.


Side: Great idea.

I think it's one of the worst ideas of mankind! There are simply too many things that can go wrong with an idea like this and not only from the perspective of students. How about the disgruntled teacher? He/she can also fly off into the stratosphere and wreak all kinds of havoc. It's a dangerous situation no matter how well it can be regulated.

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Bender226(6) Disputed
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So what exactly is preventing the teacher who wants to kill all of his/her students and commit crimes of murder from bringing a gun to school in the first thing. Pretty much the same thing that stopped Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold and all the other mass murders from shooting people. Nothing Whatsoever, they amazingly walked into that force field called the gun free zone. This is far from the worst idea mankind has ever had, in fact it's a very good one. The people that would bring these guns in school would be ones who are already licensed and trained, and already carry everywhere else they go in life. So why would these people who carry every other place in the world, suddenly get the urge to murder a bunch of children. There is yet a good argument against this notion, every last one is a knee jerk reaction based on no logic or critical thinking whatsoever. Kids used to bring their rifles to school and show them to their teachers and talk about them, these days the school would get locked down and the SWAT team would come in and hold the kid at gunpoint with an automatic weapon. Funny how now after we get rid of the guns from schools we start having school shootings. Solve a non existent problem in which results in the very problem you were trying to solve in the first place. Thats where emotional nonsensical thinking gets you.

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First of all, i think that anyone carrying a gun is a bad idea.

Supporting Evidence: Teachers packing heat: District should rethink permission (
Side: Evidence against Teachers with Guns
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Te problem is what hahpens if a student somehow gets a hold of it. It is something that may never happen but if the studnes knew the teachers had guns someone would be stupid or mad enough to try to tae it and in the stuggle it could go off. Not to mention he traning that will not be cheap. Te 1st problem is the biegst though.

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Scenario: Obnoxious smartass punk in ripped jeans and a motorcycle jacket smarts off to angry Rush Limbaugh obsessed coach with a severe hangover and a Sig Sauer 9MM.

Do the math.

Side: What About Us Smart-Asses

A disturbed student could tackle a teacher and then take the gun and commit a horrible massacre.

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If teachers are allowed to carry guns, then smart-asses like me and a few of my friends will be shot like 10 times a day by EACH teacher! o.O And then there is also the other teachers who we cross paths with throughout the day who would probably shoot me too! DX

Side: What About Us Smart-Asses