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 What does it mean to be an American? (2)

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What does it mean to be an American?

Outside of the geographical location what is it to be an American?  Right now Jake has an "Un-American" debate up but I thought it would also be a good thing to see what people think an American should be.  How do you see yourselves and what are those ingredients?

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Support individual rights.

Don't let anyone take away those rights. Government, God, Majority, no one. Your body is your temple and no one has a right to say how it should be kept.

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Outside of the geographic location,

the term makes no sense,

as the State was formed to reflect majority beliefs with the single stipulation of basic human rights, and at any time can be changed with a wide range of legal processes such as amendments,

any categorization of what it is to be "american" would be itself discounting elements of "america" and so, "un-american."

It's used by some to mean people like them, but this itself is a very disloyal view of this country, something I think anyone who has read anything about our forefathers knows the founders would be very much against. I mean, we don't even have a national language,

that is an "un"

which if taken in context of the ideas this country was founded on,

is perhaps one of the most patriotic things imaginable.

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