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 What does it say about a person's insecurity when he always stalks Conservative opinions? (14)

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What does it say about a person's insecurity when he always stalks Conservative opinions?

There are a number of people on this site (most on the Left or closet Left) who stalk my every post. If there is a debate getting no replies, as soon as I post on the debate, the stalkers flock in.
They hate the fact that they are banned (for being deceptive or childish people) from my created debates, so they actually copy my debates so they can still insult me. They wait for me to post on another's debate so they can pounce on my every word. I have never before witnessed such insecuirty from people denying who they are and what they support.
If they knew in their hearts they they were not irresponsible people, and that they were not supporting infanticide, they would have no need to follow me around like little lap dogs.

So they must be irresponsbile, deceptive, and supporters of infanticide. They think by deceiving people and constantly lieing about my positions, they can feel better about themselves. NEWSFLASH, try as you may, you can never hide who you are and what you support with your vote, by insulting me.

These stalkers can't even bring themselves to admit how wrong it is for a parent to abandon their child. Gee i wonder how many children they have abandoned to be so uncaring for the millions of children abandoned and living on welfare in this nation. I wonder how promiscuous they have been, or how many pregnancies they have caused, to so fear hearing about moral values and personal responsibility and accountability.
The Government makes terrible fathers cased you missed it. Do you care? Nah, you care more about cruelty to animals. You have more passion about those types of issues because you probably have never been cruel to an animal. Do you get it? Do you see why you chase me round? You feel guilty when anyone on the Right speaks about moral values or responsibilities because it hits home! This is why you attack them so quickly.

Spare me any lies of how I judge people and care what people do in their own lives. Your life is your business UNTILL you expect tax payers to support the problems you yourselves created. Then you make it our business. When you support the killing of millions of innocent babies, you make it our business. When you abandon children, you make it our business.
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What does it say about a person's insecurity when he bans people for disagreeing with his opinions?

GodBlessUSA(80) Disputed
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If anyone bans freedom of speech, it's the left. You hide behind a clock of political correctness which allows you to call anyone a racist, biggot, or homophobic simply because you disagree with them. (Keep in mind that the term "political correctness" originated from philosophy coined by Mao Zedong). All this has done to America is it has created a generation of emotionally stunted human beings. It's become a totally feelings-based society. If I say something, even if it's factual, I'll have actions taken against me because I microaggressed you. (Whatever the hell that means). A poll recently came out that 70% of college students are fine with speech codes on campus, 40% of millennials believe that "offensive" speech to women or minority groups should be banned. All this does is violate the first amendment. We are training college students to be little sissies and never have to encounter anything offensive because they can call the cops or get their administration fired. Instead, we should be teaching college students that people will offend them and will say rude things to them...BECAUSE THAT'S LIFE! You have to deal with it! Instead of using your bully tactics in order to instill fear and intimidation into all, how about you actually let people say what they have to say. I'm not defending FromWithin's actions at all, in fact their disgraceful, but you can't be too furious because the left does it all the time.

Cuaroc(8828) Clarified
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If anyone bans freedom of speech, it's the left.

So you're saying FromWithin if left leaning then?

Nobody does more work to further the cause of Left-Wing politics on this website than FromWithin.

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No one is stalking conservative opinions. FromWithin does not represent conservative opinions. He only attacks "liberal" opinions. He doesn't actually discuss conservative opinions. The real question is "What does it say about a person's insecurity when he always talks about liberal opinions, and can't hear anything that opposes him?"

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Agreed. It's not a conservative opinion to simply ban speech. We want to have conversations about issues, so that we see what actually works.

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It isn't only about banning speech though. He doesn't present successful conservative ideas. He just claims the liberal ideas are bad.

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Anybody notice how this looks like the stereotypical argument given by somebody on the left trying to mock and deride the right?

Good job FromWithin, you make us understand how dumb the right is with each post. Keep them coming!

And Good job, Cuaroc: I wouldn't have been able to render my astute observation on FromWithin's deception without you.

When will you stop lying and finally admit that you are an outspoken proponent of abortion? It is so obvious, I mean, you can't possibly believe what you write...

Can you?

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Assuming they are actually insecure... The stalking may be indicative that they are planning to rape you , as a means of gaining security through the physical and mental domination of their enemy (Fromwithin).

I propose that you traverse nowhere without clenched butt cheeks.

If you fear that you won't be able to clench that long, take the initiative and plug ALL of your holes.

I hope this helps.


People don't believe me but the juice-box fade is actually one of the most underrated haircuts in history.

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Oh really? I will get one then, to see if it's true.......

For real man, you won't regret it.


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Well. Well.....seems this debate sort of backfired on you, huh?

I mean to say, the way both GoCart and Cuorac threw your accusations back in your reactionary face, turning the proverbial table on you by rightly asking what the fact that YOU ban people before debates even begin says about YOUR insecurity.

How deliciously ironic that the most insecure chap here is doing a debate on the topic. kettle!


OK, go ahead and ban me now.


GodBlessUSA(80) Disputed
1 point

We don't want to ban you. We want you to stop being so overly sensitive to every single comment on the site.