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 What does the Thewayitis do for a living? (6)

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What does the Thewayitis do for a living?

Pretty straight forward, no need for further explanation.

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He probably stands outside on street corners 12 hours a day holding up a sign "Any little bit helps" before returning to his box in an alley. On his breaks he spends a dollar an hour at an internet cafe to post messages on random websites.

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I thought of making a debate like this before.

So, let's guess.

Masters degree.

Forty-three years old.

I'd imagine that it is something technical, definitely not scientific in nature (no PhD).

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He does anything, so long as it's Thewayitis suppose to be.

I don't know, because I don't actually know who Thewayitis actually is, but if I had to speculate I'd say he probably turns tricks on the corner for lonely midgets. Until I see proof against this though, I can't make any other conclusion.

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I don't know but if Obama keeps on changing things, he's gonna have to change his name to theWayItWas ;)

Side: A short client list