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 What elements does "organized sound" need to be considered "music"? (3)

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What elements does "organized sound" need to be considered "music"?

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A beat an a melody. ;)

HumannamuH(209) Clarified
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That is very subjective like most things in the art world are. Steve Reich and Phillip Glass, Ligeti belong to the 'modernist movement' much more experimental and radical often with tumultuous tempo changes and awkward meters. 'Organised' sound may not fit so well for atonal music despite it often being very meticulously planned.

I prefer precise definitions. Short and sweet. I don't like it when a word has multiple meanings. But that's just me ;)

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The only necessary condition is that something be perceived as music. Not even sound is necessary, as even silence has been officially sanctioned as music, as in the case of John Cage's 4'33":

As Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation says: