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Blacks. Blacks.
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What ethnic group epitomizes the ''STILL PEOPLE'' best.

By ''Still People'' I mean;- STILL broke, STILL moaning, STILL rioting, STILL drug dealing, STILL over subscribed in the violent crime department, STILL blaming everyone else for their own shortcomings.
Well. I wonder to which group THE FINGER OF SUSPICION should point. 


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Although the woke/liberal/Democrat controlled mainstream media are withholding the facts of most of the black's violent crime atrocities they're still causing death and destruction within the communities they infest.

Side: Blacks.
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What I see in TV series, Netflix and movies in general, is the tendency to attempt the brainwashing of people's minds portraying the white male, heterosexual, sometimes shown with religious faith, and head of a family, as being rude with the wife, abusive, a cheater, a bad person.

On the other hand, the same TV series and movies will portrait the wives not only as victims of the white husband but the wife will find support being in love with a black man or having a homosexual black man as her best friend. Other movies portrait withe wives being happy married with their black husbands. This is a very common denominator in movies and TV series


Worst it comes when the wife is pregnant and the future male close to her will be the homosexual black man or a homosexual of any race. This is sick. Homosexuality is the worst example to be taught to children. (The old belief that homosexuality is observed in other species is 100 percent false. Evidence based on basic biology and observation debunks such claims of homosexuality in species other than human)

TV commercials are made to portrait a white/Chinese. Latino woman having as lover or husband to a black man, These women are to huge and kiss their black man. On the other hand, when the commercial shows a white man with a black woman as lovers or in a marriage, the white man won't touch her, kiss her and do nothing like that. It is a kind of taboo showing in TV commercials a white man kissing with love to her black wife, unless he is old and the assumption is him as her sugar daddy.

Where I want to go with all of this from above?

Is that the ruling democrat/liberal communication media not only cover up the negative actions of several black communities but is trying to enforce a kind of new society where mixing of races must be pushed at all cost.

These actions are based on misunderstanding of facts. Mixing of races causes a weaker offspring, this is a sure fact. Best and stronger kids come from same race parents.

Mixing of races does not cause greater genetic diversity. This is also an idea based in "common sense alone", while facts reveal that people having children with people of their own race or family, their offspring will obtain a greater genetic diversity.

The democrat ideology is based on lies not so in facts, but as they push their propaganda using all kind of communication media without rest, then the masses are becoming victims of such nonsense and believe that kind of negative doctrine.

On the other hand, whites are somehow also part of the survival of STILL PEOPLE in society. One day doing my job I met a police officer, who was big, blond, and strong (something you don't see much today with young fat female black police officers or, skinny, small and wearing prescribed glasses Chinese officers).

We went to a carryout store to have coffee. Coming out from the store, an old black man at the door insulted the police officer. Here is the dialogue.

-Are you OK?

-Yes, replied the old black man.

-Is your daughter receiving food stamps again?

-Yes, said the black man biting his teeth.

-And you... are still living with your daughter in the same apartment? (the daughter living in Public Housing wasn't supposed to have out of the list tenants living with her)

-Yes, said one more time the old man.

-Then... enjoy your coffee. -And he gave him his coffee cup.

When we went outside, I saw the old man throwing the coffee to the street.

To me, what it happened at the carry out didn't mean much, but when I told the story to a friend of mine who was black, he felt so offended in a way I never thought that kind of reaction from him. I saw his response when going to a Seven Eleven he scratched with his key a police car parked over there.

I think best was for the police officer and me to shut up our mouths.

This social resent attitude is also found in authorities. For example, when you observe president Barack Obama speeches and bills, those don't make any sense and his bills are against decent people in society. From this president such an attitude is what was expected because he was the son of a white woman with a black man, and in those years such kind of unions weren't accepted by society. So he grew up with such resent feelings against America society.

What the democrat controlled media released? That this president was great, that he unified the country and other lies. (Just reading the newspapers in Obama's days, the Republicans were always against the mean disastrous initiatives of the president, and that was not a unification of any kind in those 8 years).

The following administration, which brought so much progress, a great economy, and finally moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, was under attack by social resent people who's only motto is destruction of society to have control of its ruins. The buildings of the cities still are preserved, but the mind of people have been brainwashed for the worst.

Yes, STILL PEOPLE destroys society, but the liberal controlled communication media portrays them as victims, heroes, and the example to be followed.

Side: Blacks.
Pench(841) Clarified
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The resentment and victimhood-attitude of blacks has now become a permanent feature of their psyche'.

These congenital character flaws exist in the black populations of every country in which they have settled.

Okay, here in America most blacks are the descendants of slaves, but this is not the case with the black populations in the various counties to which they emigrated and were welcomed, housed, educated and given free medical care etc.

Even so the black's disproportionate predisposition to violent crime, rioting, looting, arson, shoplifting and aversion to formal education is just the same in Europe and the free Western world as it is here in the U.S.A.

White people, especially white males have been cleverly manipulated into believing that we are inherently evil and fundamentally racist.

Blacks have been encouraged to believe that they are poor because we, the whites stole their money, ( money that they never had, that was some trick) and are institutionally discriminated against.

We have Black History Month=what history?

Black female artist's week,

Black inventions exhibitions= halls filled with jungle drums.

Blacks can pretty much do and say as they please with impunity as the average cop has been cowed into backing off and avoiding confrontation with blacks at all costs.

Blacks intimidate those employers who were sufficiently foolhardy to give them a job and in many extreme cases can come and go to their place of employment as they please.

We've been well and truly kicked into believing the nonsense of *white privilege, white supremacy and that all white people are RAAAAACISTS.

No matter what we do or say, the darkies have us pegged as RAAAAAYISTS BECAUSE IT SUITS THEIR NARRATIVE.


Side: Blacks.
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Dem der blacks are STILL murdering, wrecking the place, drug dealing and making the country a less pleasant place for the average decent citizen to live.

Side: Blacks.