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 What form of Government is best? (6)

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What form of Government is best?

Weather it be Communism to Captilism to a lack of goverment(anarchy), I'd like to hear what you guys have to say, and why you say it. 

On that note, please, actually try. Give a reason as to why you say something, and if you use facts that you put off as facts, try to link to where you got it.  

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Democratic Socialist Republic. Socialism with democracy, what more does one need?? Go NDP!!!!!!

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Both anarchy and communism have their good points and there bad points. Communism: good that the government sometimes needs to take action, bad on civil rights. Anarchy: there has to be some form of government, or chaos would reign. I choose none of the above. I prefer a centrist form of government.

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Not sure if I made a misleading intro, or if you misunderstood. I tried more along the lines to use them as an example, with any given government up for being the, 'best'.

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I cannot choose as I prefer moderation. :/

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A Republic. One ruled by law, not the majority. That's my kind of government.