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Grand Theft Auto Saints Row
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What game series is better; GTA or Saints Row

what game is better in gameplay, plot, fun, and legacy.

Grand Theft Auto

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Saints Row

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Is this even an argument? Saints Row is some stupid GTA knock-off where you run around in a big comical city.

In GTA, you're basically free to roam New York (dubbed Liberty City) and do whatever you want. It's much more realistic.

Side: Grand Theft Auto

Don't get me wrong, I love Grand Theft Auto, especially San Andreas, but I love that you can play the game on co-op in Saints Row + Saints Row III is a great game to play when your stoned.

Side: Saints Row
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Saints Rows is a lot better I have played the 2nd and 3rd one but GTA I don't like it really.

Side: Saints Row