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What gets you going? Decimals or Fractions

Are you down for decimals or are you feeling the fractions?  


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So far this side is decimating the opposition. Not even a fraction voted on the other side.

Side: Decimals

Nice one man

Side: Decimals

Decimals are just a whole lot easier. There's no crazy unequal denominators that make a problem themselves, when everything is already the same. 1.5, or 1 1/2? Decimals are even easier to type!

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Decimals, baby!

The Best thing is how some of them can continue on to infinity.

What we call the irrational numbers.

Like the square root of two.

Or pi.

Strings of digits that go on forever.

Whip out your calculator right now and punch in 2 and then the square root symbol.


And you can get lost in the strings of numerals.

Looking for some sort of pattern.

Compared to all that, fractions are boring.

Here is a decimal for you. See if you know what it represents.

I will tell you later if nobody guesses.



Side: Decimals

I am curious as to what it represents if you'd like to disclose that information

Side: Decimals
jerbear(118) Clarified
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This is a fluid flow rate to mass conversion of sorts it's a way of converting flow rate to mass to calculate weight and flow's like a fluid version of atoms to moles moles to grams's real world application is for gas and water utilities mainly. ..the atoms to moles is for chemistry. ....

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Thank you.

Good to know somebody around here is interested in learning science from me.

The number represents in time, as in that 43rd trillionth of a second, that Cosmologists can pin down what happened, step by step, after the Big Bang. Some 13.7 Billion years ago., we still don't know what occurred before. But we are so close.

Of course, many Cosmologists claim nothing happened before, since time itself was created with the advent of the BB.

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jerbear(118) Clarified
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Pi why pi I get it it is useful for one solitary thing ...circumfrance of a circle ever the reason it repeats strings of numbers is because it is flawed math ....if it were true it would have precise numeric value it is a best guess of sorts as to say do your best and fudge the rest ...I prefer 1.618 it has way more natural significance and is almost the coolest thing to replicate. my humble opinion pi is for third graders .....I also don't like Catalan numbers case you throw that out there for your number sequence do you understand it's real world application some people tend to do here they pirate others work and pawn it off as original. though saying something is the same as knowing something. please throw pearls of wisdoyto the peanut gallery ....use your words and put in applicable terms I know most mathematicians and the Google and classroom work I will know if your a actual student of patterns and replication or a knock off artist .....just messing with ya ....this was just an exercise in saying or knowing. ...

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SlapShot(2608) Clarified
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Circumference of a circle in relation to its diameter, of course.

And the opposite correlation as well, if you invert it with a decimal point in front.

Without one of the measurements, the number pi will yield no useful info on the circle size.

I also like the Golden Mean number 1.62 that you mentioned.

As an aesthetic value it is remarkable. Also am!azing is how often that portion reveals itself. In both the manmade world, like in art and architecture, as well as in nature.

Speaking of the latter..are you familiar with Fibonacci Numbers and sequences? They also appear in nature.

I would be happy to talk higher Mathematics with you! I don't have to many members here to do that with. Most are not knowledgeable to our level. Cartman knows some, though.

I am currently into Topology. What we call Knot Theory. It's an offshoot of non Cartesian Geometry. You would be amazed at the applications for it. As in Virology!

Can you guess how it's useful in that?

Thanks, amigo.

Side: Decimals


Side: Decimals
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It's the same damn thing ....the division of a whole value you can switch mid equation back and forth who cares one is easier for money systems and one is easier for baking ....but it's still just a human value system to represent and convey thought intent and value ....there should be a middle button on these .....

Side: Fractions

I support the idea of more than just two sided debates.

Side: Fractions
SlapShot(2608) Disputed
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they are not the same.

I thought you knew Math?

Decimals are far far more accurate. Which stands to reason since they can be more complex.

A fraction, after all, is limited to only one denominator and one numerator.

Doubt me?

Then why do we always use decimals in Science. Hardly ever fractions?

Neither are really human value systems either. As they are both empirical. Objective. NOT subject to opinions or individual values.

A 2000 ml beaker of liquid argon is always going to be 15.679% full depending on WHO measures is. An eskimo liberal or a Swahili gay person.


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jerbear(118) Disputed
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decimals are better for sure ...unless your baking ...a cake ...

Side: Fractions
jerbear(118) Clarified
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I like that you have a good attitude towards these things ..your smart enough to know whats viable and still not dumb enough to buy into all of it ...wrap your head around this what if the beeker is frozen or heated ......alas we have the bases of theory ...I theorize that the loosening and tightening of the containers molecular structure will have an effect on size of said container and accuracy of measurements....this is known as sweat fitting on paper you cant make this work but engine producing factories do it every day bake the engine block and freeze the sleeve and then pound the two together is stronger than a weld it is mathematically impossible but real world practicle ...a lot of things you will be shown in math and science is this way ....the math they use at LHC says big bang is real ...but all attempts to replicate have proven my theories and not theres must dig deeper do you like anti gravity ....I have something that will blow your mind ....I transfer matter at zero mass matter the little physics joke

Side: Decimals