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 What gift would give to your valintine? (7)

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What gift would give to your valintine?

what gift would you give?

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The gift that is free and what every man looks forward to at the end of the night; making love.

And it's Valentine, not valintine.

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Condoms and my penis...

However the condoms would be optional, personally I think choking penis's with plastic covers is a cruel thing to do...

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How about the entire body in a plastic body bag because you were stupid enough to not use a condom? Is that cruel? Yes, but in your case I'll make an exception.

Side: Happy Valentines Day

A nice, big, juicy, wet, hard, kiss! ;)

Side: Happy Valentines Day
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I'm gonna make love to ya till yo eyes roll back I'ma put you to bed bed bed!!!

-J. Holiday Bed-

Side: Happy Valentines Day

Another woman!

Side: Happy Valentines Day
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I would give a

Supporting Evidence: Natural foam (
Side: Happy Valentines Day