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 What happened to everyone on create debate? (20)

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What happened to everyone on create debate?

What happened to the debates with hundreds of posts and many unique and valid different views of things. Where did all the debators go?

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Some people just have better things to do than debating people online.

Side: They got lives XD
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Sad but true.


Side: They got lives XD

It's the truth or they don't have enough time for it no more.

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unfortunately the site has become home to flamers and trolls. Either that or people actually adamantly believe some of the more ridiculous opinions on here.

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addltd(5144) Disputed
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While there are certainly a myriad of opinions, in an effort to keep the site as free speech friendly as possible, we only clean out spam, heavy use of profanity (not the occasional use) and direct attacks on individuals who are not public figures. The rest we leave up to the indivdual to filter.

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protazoa(427) Disputed
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the myriad opinions are far from the problem. If I wanted to be surrounded by my own opinions I would write a blog, not join a debate site.

however, there is little visible cleaning of spam, profanity, or ad hominems.

I recall an event in which a single person was able to post a page long poem concerning the beauty of G-d on every document in the top fifty debates, and the spam filter simply was not removing the madness, and I as an individual simply didnt have enough down votes in the world to eliminate such a (poorly written) poem from entirely unrelated debates such as "do aliens exist"

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Don't know but I like the site... we all need to try to get more people to join... spread the word on other sites you are on... I've gotten about 15 to join so far... unfortunately most of them, made their account, answered a couple debates and haven't really come back. About 3 or 4 of them are using CD some what regularly.

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First, I appreciate all of the support from everyone, but my deepest thanks to the regular users. Things actually have been picking up over the last few months, but there are some interesting seasonal trends that go on with the site. One trend I seemed to have noticed is that in early April people tend to frequent here less. I assume everyone is busy getting their taxes done.

So far, Twitter has been relatively effective at bringing in new blood...we are adding between 25 - 50 new registered users per day.

I am going to try to go after Facebook and get some new folks that way in the next few weeks. I have also been considering a promotion (maybe for an iPad giveaway). Just a thought. We also picked up a new advertiser over the weekend. Go Check his site out if you have the desire.

Thanks for your support,


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Did someone say, "iPad giveaway?" ; )

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On the internet, free ipad is tantamount to saying free virus

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I've been wondering where some of the older debators have went to.

avedesk, prayerfails, etc.

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I like the site. Have been on IDW Community a lot, but that site has become a Right Wing forum. They booted me once because I said I don’t like Zionism? I could understand if I promoted violence, but not liking someone is supposed to be Freedom

Side: They got lives XD
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LOL, you credit them too much, thewayitis. .

Side: atheist drove them away