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What have you learned in your time on CreateDebate?

So I was trawling through some old posts of mine, and I thought to myself "Gee, I was a fucking idiot back then". But over time, I'd like to think I've learned a fair chunk from discourse on this site, in pretty much every area: religion, politics, even trolling.

To which I ask; what have you learned in your time on this site? 


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Nothing, I'm omniscient

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I thought to myself "Gee, I was a fucking idiot back then."

This happens to me A LOT. Though, I suppose, overall, it is a good sign, as it signifies your knowledge and intelligence has increased since that point.

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I feel the same, sites like this really do help to open the minds of people and helps many self reflect, in most cases become better people as a result.

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ME TOO. I dont know, but when I look at my past debates compared to my debates now, I think, I have gotten a lot better. Back then, my debates were one sided and I dont usually see the points of other people. I also tend to misjudge that some people were taking it all personal on me, when it is really not what they do. I also enlarged my horizons when it comes to debating. I also learned a lot of things like being nice to other people no matter how rude they are to you and be straight with your answers.

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I learned that most people tend to follow emotions rather then logic, myself included but I also learned that no matter how much I disagree or dislike something I can not let my emotions control my reason, if I do then I might as well call myself a conservative republican, about 20 years ago I was just that and didn't even know it, I made choices back then based on my own personal interest first regardless of the overall effect, sad to say I was lost.

Thanks to learning to have an open mind, the Internet, debates, science and lessons from history I have learned to suppress those emotions for the greater good, I am no longer a slave to my emotions and have overall became a better person as a result of this, but my work is far from over I still got many things to learn and will continue to search for truth though reason, logic and science till the day that I die.

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Well I learned to be respectful because in my previous posts or arguments I was really rude to people and saying obnoxious things to people and I remember getting tons of down-votes for that and now I look at my posts now it seems that I have matured and my knowledge and logic increased as I have been on this site a lot.

Now I think before I post things and make sure what I am saying is right to say and not rude but kind and respectful of others and I think about my opinions and what my beliefs say about it as well.

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I do remember when there was masses of hate campaigns on you, for little to no reason. The way that you've matured to deal with that is quite astounding, especially seeing as you get a lot of stick for your beliefs.

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Yeah I remember that people used to hate me with a raging passion but I pulled through because of what my beliefs told me and I just shrugged it off and kept on going no matter what people said about me.

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I've become almost completely convinced that the learning process that accompanies give and take conversations, is by far superior to simply being an "ideological consumer" who is either listening to lectures or has their nose stuck in a book. Also, that a peer to peer learning arrangements where the line between teacher and student is obliterated, is all I am willing to accept anymore. Also that slow thinkers like myself are no longer stuck on the sidelines just because we aren't masters of snappy comebacks and quick wit like is necessary if one expects to do well in more traditional debating forums.

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Hmmm? I just looked through some of my old posts and thought... "Damn! I was drunk back then". Awe, the good ole days.

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No one seems to like this lonely little side. I'll keep you company.

Wouldn't say I'm omniscient... but I'm definitely not stupid. Changed much? Not really, simply gained a little more knowledge, and become smarter, I guess. And done some thinking about some things, so some things are clearer now.

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