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 What impact have online dating websites had on our society? (23)

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What impact have online dating websites had on our society?

Online dating has become a common way to meet both romantic and sexual partners for many (Heino, Ellison, & Gibbs, 2010). There are now more ways than ever to initiate and maintain relationships over the internet, and online dating websites form a large part of these. People resort to online dating for a variety of purposes, ranging from casual sex to marriage.

Research has shown that online dating is becoming more accepted over time and that attitudes towards it have become more positive (Smith & Duggan, 2013). It is also argued that the convenience and accessibility of internet dating will stimulate increased usage and will help develop internet dating into a social norm (Brooks, 2011). I am interested in the practicalities of this development the opinions and arguments surrounding it.

I am interested in your opinion on what impact you think internet dating has had on our society, either positive or negative. Online dating websites range from quite serious ones like or Parship to more casual ones like Tinder. There is no right or wrong answer, just your view on the matter from whatever perspective! 

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I think it has had a good impact on our society. After all, love = good! I think it is a suitable way to find a suitable partner, because on your profile you can list your interests, how many children you have/want... so I don't see anything wrong with it for our society.

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I defiantly think it has had more positive than negative effect. It has made it possible for shy people, for example, to meet potential partners and present themselves the way they really are, when the pressure is not there.

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Online dating is a BIG business. So in regards to the working society it's positive, since their big money cows! I'm not sure if online dating websites are very effective, but if it all does what it says, than it is very positive. I still think that the process of someone falling in love with another will always be the same, but it can all change in the future (how people think about relationships). Maybe we rely to much on technology nowadays and all search for that perfect guy or girl.

In short I think that thes website will:

1. Find a lover quicker

2. Makes single life become more interesting because all the kinds of dating activities organized by internet


3. Marriage (hopefully) becomes more stable because they select their partner from much larger candidates pool

compared with before.

A negative impact. First the ability to socialize face to face is decreasing do to the fact that one can hid behind a laptop, screen, etc. Expectations are often beyond realistically possible. People are getting shallower and shallower as to what they want in the other person, extremely good looks, high incomes, some one "very" local. Manners have gone out the door, rudeness and disrespect thrive on anonymity.

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A positive impact. We live in a society that is communicating with people online already, why not dating online as well?! It is still dating, the method just has changed slightly. Using online dating websites doesn't mean a person limits him- or herself to this particular way of finding a partner, the person just increases his/her chances to find somebody. Dating in real life is still possible and people will not unlearn how to date. Also, for people that are too shy for example, dating websites are a great tool to still meet someone.

RoosHU(21) Disputed
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You say that people will not 'unlearn' to date. What do you think of apps like Tinder and more simple online dating sites? Might they not completely change the idea we have of dating and romance?

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It's hard to tell really. I never really been interested in dating websites, but I do think there are advantages and disadvantages. In my personal view I think disadvantages overtake the pros of online dating.

But let us start with advantages: I guess it's easier for people who have a busy schedule to find a significant other via this medium. And it is entirely justified. They may be too tired to join parties or get-together because of a hectic lifestyle and therefore the dating websites might be a good solution for them to check out.

On the other hand however, speaking for the people who do have time on their hands and are younger(? - just assuming), it is perhaps better to start a relationship based on friendship for example. I strongly believe that when a relationship evolves from a friendship things are different. You interact more with that person, you've seen them through their worse and their best and you are still friends with them. Of course, it is not necessary for it to happen, many people's feelings do not go farther than a friendship.

Also, there is a certain entourage that surround people that you meet (and who raise your interest) while having a casual drink with a group. You see them interacting with other people, you may even meet their friends and thus create a better picture of this person.

I am not necessarily saying I don't approve of dating sites, yet at my age I personally don't find it appealing. Plus, there is of course the safety issue, anyone can be on these websites so you cannot know for sure if you can trust someone online (maybe they have a fake picture of themselves, lie about their age, etc.).

I guess people are more open to online dating, but I have the feeling it is still avoided a little, especially by the younger generation. You can think for example about the MTV show 'Catfish', they rarely are who they claim to be. It's not exactly online dating, but there is still something about relationships online and above all, the trustworthiness of them.

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You are right, online dating is indeed more popular around the age of 35. The older generation is much less inclined to hang in a bar all night to flirt and possibly meet someone interesting. For our generation there are of course much more possibilities that make it unnecessary to 'resort to' online dating. However, what do you think of apps like Tinder, which is VERY popular among our age group?

I also think it has a positive impact on our society, but I personally don't like it. It seems contradictory, but I'm still living in the times where I feel like going to a bar and meeting someone has a charm that online dating doesn't. However, you can connect with people on a whole different level digitally. This can either be beneficial (you can be yourself) or not (you can pretend to be someone you're not). I feel like the dangers of online dating are also higher than 'personal dating', because of exactly that: you don't know who you're talking to until you meet... And that can already be too late.

So I'm torn, but I feel like the success of online dating speaks for itself. Obviously it's doing something right, because most of my friends are on Tinder and I'm the odd one out. Online dating just creeps me out, but I'm sure that might change over time.

Online dating opens up so many possibilities for anyone. I think it adds another inevitable dimension to the “traditional” way of meeting people. Traditional dating is limited (You are limited by geography. Online dating offers you the possibility of meeting a person halfway across the world, who just might be the person you have been looking for) New dating just adds to the experience, and allows for people to get into contact with the 'right' people, faster. It's just more efficient.

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Online dating has been a logical step towards a more connected (digital) world. Society has individualised badly and so many people live such hard-working lives that it is very hard to meet new people. Dating online gets people out of their own little bubble and brings new opportunities. Though, initiating contacts online is acceptable, I think keeping entire relationships online without ever having seen the other person is not the right way to go (such as in Catfish).

I think that in a society like ours, where everyone is busy all the time, online dating can be a good solution for some people. It saves time and you know who you deal woth before 'wasting' a whole night listening to uninteresting stories. So I would say online dating has a positive effect. Next to that the rise of online dating was inevitable due to the fact that everyone is online and on the go 24/7.

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I think it has is positive and negative sides. The positive side is that it becomes easier for people to approach someone they find attractive and to ask someone out for a date. The negative side, I think, is that people hide behind their computer/smartphones etc. They have become less social and do not try to approach someone in real life. Another down side is that you never know whether someone is real.. How do you know that someone is really who he says he is? And are the photos put on the dating website really the person you are talking to? This are risks that you need to take. Approaching someone in real life may be scary, but I'd personally prefer it above meeting someone online of who you dont know who he or she really is.

RoosHU(21) Disputed
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Some online dating sites check the validity of every profile before it goes online. Would that be a reason for you to change your mind?

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the internet has made our life easier in a lot of ways and i think online dating is a part of that. the fact that it is becoming more and more popular means that people have accepted this way of meeting new people and that it often leads to success. before the internet there were parts in newspapers where people were looking for other people. it is just a natural thing that people want to connect with people and if they can't do it the most common way (traditional dating ;-) ) they try other methods. it will grow even more because we already adopted social media to our everyday life but it will never replace the traditional way.

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Make love, not war. I guess this statement is fitting to this debate question. I think overall that dating sites have had positive impact on our society, though it also have some negative side. The negative thing about it is that people can be tricked into believing that they have met the person of their dream, but then see their world crashing down on them. It is very easy to fake a dating profile, and it can also be used for fraud. However, I think it has more of a positive impact. Some people are more willing to share and talk on the web rather than meeting people in real life. Dating sites gives these people the opportunity to express their feelings and words without having the "social fear" of actually talking to another person. Also it creates more love :)

daniel3112(27) Disputed
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It seems to me that dating sites have a very positive effect on our lives in a very positive way. For example, I find myself different girls at international brides , and these are girls that I would not be able to go to. So my conclusion is that simple dating sites give chances to introverts like me, so I'm all for it. So love and good luck to all

Developing(494) Disputed
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"Introverts"?!? C'mon, call it what it is, you are a COWARD. How wimpy are men these days that can't even gain the courage to ask woman out on a date? Even more weak is men that need mail order brides because they can't get a girl from their own country.

BrontoLite(759) Disputed
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So my conclusion is that simple dating sites give chances to introverts like me, so I'm all for it. So love and good luck to all

Mary me Daniel. Come on, you know you want to. Hell even Con thought about it one time on here. You guys know a catch when you see one, eh Dan?

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I met my wife online so I totally suport the idea of online dating.

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Dating websites like Tinder, Hinge and many others have created various positive and negative impact on society. For individuals, dating website has offered a chance to increase their dating reputation. Also, on youth it has set a different mindset.

Supporting Evidence: Dating Reputation (