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What is DTH, all the information and updates of Akash DTH

What is DTH technology?

DTH or Direct To Home is a type of satellite based television service. Wireless dish line connection in simple language. Where the digital signal from the satellite is transmitted directly to the user's dish antenna and processed through a set up box then displayed on the user's television screen. DTH technology provides the best quality images and sound.

Akash DTH is the first direct to home or DTH in Bangladesh, which allows you to enjoy the benefits of dish line instead of ordinary dish line. So to get rid of the hassle of this dish line, Beximco company has brought Akash DTH for the people of Bangladesh.

Akash DTH is completely different from the normal dish line we use. Which we have discussed in DTH technology. This means that we usually take the dish line connection from a remote dish office. Where the connection through the wire is far away, there is a lot of trouble with its disconnection and this reduces the quality of the channel and sound of the dish. Moreover, there are many problems. But Akash DTH doesn't have these problems because you have your own home. This means that the connection of


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