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 What is Your Efficiency? And Why? (35)

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What is Your Efficiency? And Why?

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People can't appreciate a good joke ;)


For good arguments

Hellno(17756) Disputed
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You've only been here for 18 days... it will go down.

Why do you say that?

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92 percent.

Too many trolls.

Too many religious bashers.

Too many depressed people.

Too many people who think that not laughing at dumb jokes equals not humorous.

Pffffffffft. Get over yourselves.

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I think it's a good thing to get downvoted now and then, it reassures me that I am not just writing stuff to get a pad in the back.

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95%, gone up from 89% a few weeks ago, probably due to left wing atheist anti-America anti-UK posts...

But I guess getting upvotes for inane little sentences helps things :)

I remember a time when it was 100%, ooh the good, ignorant, old days :P

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94% because i haven't been debating all that much lately. lately as in, since 2 years now.... that is pretty good then :D

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96% because... I don't know. I do get downvoted a lot, and then upvoted... and then downvoted again.

96%, because everyone's is around that.

92% because of Dana.

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Beware, because she has another account... AnitaLay


HellYesBHO(11) Disputed Banned
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You must need a lay if you obsess over other people. I heard that DBT works. You should try it.

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Doesn't she have like five?

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97%. I attack religious people and liberals. I get the Atheist upvotes, and the conservative upvotes. It might be at 98% if I didn't start fights with those crazy Christians who were downvoting anyone who talked to them.

99%... but I don't have enough postings to expect normal statistics yet, I expect.

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99% ........ addicted to createdebate :Pi thionk it will go down in a few days

94%. How does efficiency even work? What determines it?

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💯 I'm a very good debater unlike most people I actually don't joke around

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And I'm shocked it's that high considering I get Down-Voted like crazy... thanks for the love people! ;)

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96% because my arguments are only that efficient if not less.