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What is better COD4 or COD:WaW

which game is better?


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There have been a lot of WWII games. A lot of them, and many of them are terrible. COD: WaW is not one of the terrible games, but at least COD 4 wasn't a WWII game. There are a lot of conflicts and wars that should be made into games, but enough with the WWII already. Try making a game about Vietnam or the Civil War, or even WWI.

I have played both games, and I think that COD: WaW looks a lot like COD 4. I have a friend that ranks pretty highly on the game, and for some reason he thinks it is different, but I don't play it as often and to me it looks like the same game with different levels and guns. They really could have updated it more. But, there is one thing I love about WaW.... ZOMBIES!!!

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It laggs less on my pc

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i wish this had a update for zombies but it is the only cod to be in modern day fighting. i love both of the game but i perfer COD:WaW because i only have cod4 and COD:WaW. when cod4 come out it was the best but them it got boring then cod:Waw come out and i love this game at the moment.

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CoD4 Is better then Waw All Waw is a another freaking WWII lame game i used love WWII games but they make to many of them and idk why it aint that special it might mad history but so did Civil war and WWI At Least they could make a game mix with all or make different games then WWII

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i gtg with my favorite game and the first first person shotter i ecver played on pc

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i like the idea of zombies but i wish zombies were on cod4 it would be the best. this game is really different 2 cod 4 but i love both.

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WAW is great. All moden warfare's suck. You may as well call them modder warefare because everybody mods!

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