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 What is freedom? (6)

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What is freedom?

While reading up on political science, I came across something that interests me.

Supposedly all of the different political ideologies have a different definition for "freedom" leading to many misunderstandings.


So what is your definition of freedom? Along with your political ideology(ies) please.

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True freedom comes only from anarchy; however, I am willing to settle on libertarianism - most likely the next closest thing from true freedom.

Progressivism is an assault on freedom. Perhaps their idea of freedom is freedom from making personal choices?

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Please elaborate...

Is it the lack of government that equals freedom? or is it something else?

Can you be more specific on progressivism? It is a wide subject...

Or do you mean the people who call themselves 'progressive' assault freedom?

One last thing, what is your Definition of freedom?

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Freedom from my point of view is multiple things.

1.) To learn and master what skills you choose to have, then share them with the world.

2.) To not be afraid of being persecuted for physical/mental/emotional traits.

3.) To help improve the community in the way you choose.

Political ideology: Technocratic influenced Republic.

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Freedom is related to opportunities to me, equal free opportunities for all NOT equal results for all.Freedom to fail is as important as freedom to succeed.

Trying to equal out the results for everyone is not freedom,it is control.

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Freedom is being able to do anything that niether breaks my neighbor's leg nor picks his pocket. (Variation on Thomas Jefferson) My political views are laissez-faire Constitutionalist.

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Freedom is the ability to do what we ought to do, not whatever we want to do. I've taken that from a speech given by a man named Fulton Sheen many decades ago. His speech IMO is an excellent explanation and definition of true freedom. We are not free to jump off a cliff because we will face the consequences of that act, it will likely kill us taking away all our freedom. We are not free to kill our neighbor, if we do we will have our freedom taken away again. We are free to help our neighbor, we are free to feed someone who is hungry, we are free to work to buy the things we need. We have the freedom to do what we ought to do. Too many in today's world see freedom as no restraints. That is not freedom, that is anarchy and that always leads to tyranny, once again taking away freedoms. If we choose to take dangerous drugs, we become addicted and it steals our freedom because now our decisions are controlled by that drug. Freedom is the ability to do what we ought to do. I would consider myself a conservative and a traditionalist.

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