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 What is going to happen to that Danny boy? (24)

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What is going to happen to that Danny boy?

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Are you him? We're all on edge and that question seems staged.

Atrag(5666) Disputed
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Well all the rest said they knew each other in real-life whereas she says she's from.. Denmark was it? :S I guess one way to be sure though would be to speak in Danish...

Yeah there is another danish person here. Someone .. his username starts with an N. You can get him to say if my danish is okay ;)

Go through my waterfall - you will see that my english is limited, since I am danish.

All the fake users didn't seem to have problem with english grammar or spelling.

I think that's proof enough.

1 point

Well, I never thought you were a fake... but your English is as good or better than a lot of people here.

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I sometimes see traces of Danish in your arguments, but I don't think anybody but a Dane would notice.

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I don't know, but I am trying to find out the law on cyberbullying and sexually harassing minors. I will not stand for people bullying my friends.

Querbert(204) Disputed
1 point

What friends!

everyone you knew was a lie

shoutoutloud(4303) Clarified
1 point

That would probably be a problem. If these creators of the fake accounts aren't from the same country as the victims, then they don't apply to the same laws.

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This sucks. .

1 point

He is no longer going to come to this site. Hopefully.