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What is more important: Love or Money?

This deate is so self explanatory that it is quite sad you are even bothering to read its description.


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It's different for everyone. Some people want love more than money, and others want money more than love. In my opinion, however, I would rather have love.

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Lol, I read the description because when I skimmed it you misspelled debate X)

But, at least in my life, love is more important. I've never had money, just enough to get by, and I don't think it's necessary to be happy. But love, makes me happy. My boyfriend has in love with me for four years, and me him, these past four years have been full of happiness and that's more important than anything.

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Oh wow I did misspell it, gotta learn to proof read ;)

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Honestly i think that money is more important, because think about it is love going to fill the ones with empty stomachs? Is love going to cover your body and give you warmth? You see money can buy love but if you say it does not money can buy things which and individual can express their love for one another.

Do your parents pay their bills with hugs and kisses? Or even saying 'I Love You'?

Has anyone actually told someone they love them and get something for free?

Yes, we all know that Jesus did everything with love and not money. But i mean come on, try living your life without money.

Everyone says "Money can be taken for granted" Uh hello love can too.

Did you ever think about people that had money? Their partner could say "I Love You" to them and didnt even mean it, they could use all their money and therefore leave their partner broken hearted thinking that they actually loved you.

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money is more important than love in today's world, if have money we will have respect in the society otherwise not.

suppose if we see the beggar at the road side if give money to him he will prise us but if we smile at him love he just thinks that why this fellow is laughing at here the money is given more importance than love

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may be it gives happiness to you from your four years but without going anywhere or eating something or presenting any thing to your boy friend how he can feel your which way you will express.If you really love him definitely you will buy something to him to express your love on one day or some other day

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I will opine money because a person will suffer without it. A person has to have a roof over his head, groceries, paying the bills, etc. Having money instead of love makes sense to me.

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