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What is more important: perception or reality?

Is what people perceive you to be more imporant than what you actually are?


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You are who people perceive you to be.

If you die, so goes yourself. The real you is a treasure only you ever really know. Your thoughts, your feelings, your own little jokes...

I love myself. I make myself laugh, I'm hot, I'm educated and semi successful in a job I love....

Heck... I'd do me. But what is it all worth? If I can't show that to someone else? And if I'm not careful... that person could misread me.

Perception isn't everything, but it is the window through which you showcase your beautiful self.... that's pretty damn important.

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Perception always defines a reality, but a perception does not always create a reality. Rather it sometimes only maintains a concept, or symbolism, whereas a reality is always defined by a perception, and does not create perceptions nor other realities. Therefore a perception is key to reality and must be more important, rather it is essential to the production of reality. Let us look at this further. If you perceive objects to be round, then you create a reality of round objects. However, a reality of round objects will never convince you to see objects as flat. And the reality of round objects does not produce a reality of flat objects. Perception can be altered to create new realities for instance if a round object is discovered to be two dimensional then the reality is it is both round and flat, but again, a round flat reality will never produce an alternate reality of a square three dimensional object.

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What is reality but what you are able to perceive? How someone perceives things is much more important than what they truly are because how they perceive it can determine what happens next.

If a guy perceives a swimming pool, but it's really a concrete floor, he's gonna die.

Sorry to cut the philosophy short with that LSD anecdote, but my basic point is that your perception is the only thing that will matter since it is what you perceive... Solipsism.

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Perception IS reality. If you do not perceive it, it is not there.

Say that in reality, there is no cat in the box. However, for some reason, I think that there really IS a cat in the box. Therefore, unless I ever open the box, I will believe that there is truly a cat inside of it, and so, to my mind(which is all that is real to me)there is.

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Reality is more important because perceptions tends to separate humans. The reality of it is that we all share the same fears and insecurities. Some of us are just better at hiding it.

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Who is to say that reality itself isn't just a perception.

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Close, but it's the other way around. Think about it for a second. You must perceive it to make it real.

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OOO very good.

But how can you perceive without it holding some fabric of reality?

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I actually choose neither, so I am just leveling this a bit. ;)

What is reality? The physical world? Realities of situations? Reality of culture? Reality of truth?

I think "reality" needs to be defined better here...

Physical world - make perceptions match realities

Situations - Both

Culture - Both, but perception paves the wave toward cultural realities

Truth - The Reality of what is Real (redundant, eh?) - we should base our perceptions on those things which are true.

Fundamentally, this argument comes down to the basics of basics - The identity of truth.

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