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Guilt Punishment
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What is more powerful/painful for you guilt or punishment?


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Punishment makes me angry at the individual who inflicts it. Punishment makes you forget it was your fault and this is why ex-criminals hate the cops. I'm not saying guilt is an effective way of dealing with crime, but imo guilt does weigh on my mind a lot more than being punched in the face.

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Guilt, by ethical principle.

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We are dealing with two kinds of pain here.

Emotional and Phsysical.

Pain for the most part is for our benefit.

Emotional pain can help us to fix our relationships(which are essential to psychological health), say you feel guilty and feel are compelled to apologize. That can help your relationships.

Although emotional pain (guilt) is essential to our psychological health, guilt can always be fixed physical pain can not.

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punishment is just a way of saying you have done something bad and you dont get to do this for so long...but when guilt is involved it is the worst thing the mind can have when something bad is done and people can change when they have guilt on their shoulders

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Guilt > Punishment.

Regret is one of the most powerful motivators of all time. Punishments end after a while but guilt follows you. Even if you have no actual consequence, if you did something that bad, then your guilt will eat you alive. Punishment is always gone after a period of time.

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Punishment is usually physical, and the human body will only allow so much pain to be felt before passes out. Guilt is not physical at all. Guilt is mental and it is only in the mind, and will stay with you until the matter is resolved.

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gilt affects me more then punishment because when I'm punished i just stay inside and read but when someone puts a gilt trip on me it affects me a lot more

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A human mind will only allow it to inflict so much pain on itself before it stops.

Someone else could potentially inflict pain far beyond what one could do to themselves however.

One could claim that the inner pain felt is greater than physical pain.

This is a rose colored myth however.

It's nice to think we're so noble that that were true.

But the fact is a human can die from physical pain,

one cannot die of guilt though, no matter how much it hurts.

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