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 What is the Democrat's biggest failure under Joe Biden? (2)

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What is the Democrat's biggest failure under Joe Biden?

There is SO MUCH failure with today's Democrats that I have great difficulty naming the TOP FAIL. 

Examples; we have the Afghanistan debacle, the southern border disaster, fast rising inflation, very high gas prices, unaffordable food and products, the shipping mess, dramatic rent increases, bogus vaccine mandates that restrict freedoms, increased war tensions with Russia/China/North Korea (and others) and constantly pushing for racial division through domestic terrorist/scammer organizations like "Black Lives Matters" plus, SO MUCH MORE. I think we all knew that Joe Biden would be a dramatic failure ... just not this much .... this fast. 
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What is the Democrat's biggest failure under Joe Biden?

Joe Biden was Vice President when the left funded "risky research" with viruses in a Wuhan lab in partnership with the Chinese Communist Party, a party that harvests living peoples' organs and keeps Muslims in camps for wrongthink.

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Well, that's a good, but most difficult question to answer.

Firstly I must refer to Joseph de Maistre's quotation;- ''every nation gets the government it deserves''.

Eighty one million American citizens voted for Joe Poopy Pants and true to the French philosopher's observation we got, by far and away the worst President in our history and the greatest source of international hilarity and ridicule.

We, no one else voted this bumbling Mr., Bean type imbecile into power, and then bellyache when he and his liberal woke Administration is caught, blatantly flushing the nation down the toilet into the sewers.

Any nation with eighty one million mindless idiots in its midst deserves what we have endured and the economic nightmares and social upheavals we've still to come.


To try to grade the disasters of Poopy Pant's MALadministration in order of severity is nigh impossible, but here goes.

1) The swamping of the nation with the dregs of the failed nations of the world.

We may be able to slither out from our many international catastrophes, but these illegal, drug-importing criminal immigrants are here to stay and they will continue to inflict great misery on the citizens of the United States.

2)The cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline threw some 10,000 employees out of work and ensured that we will remain dependent of our energy requirements for the foreseeable future as well as having to pay around 3 times more our for our gas than would otherwise have been the case.

3)The Afghanistan withdrawal fiasco resulted in the unnecessary deaths of 13 American citizens and illustrated to the world, especially our allies, that we are an unreliable and weak partner whose pledges of support are meaningless.

This display of political weakness and MILITARY INCOMPETENCE is why Putin moved to invade the Ukraine and annex it back into Russian control.

4)Quantitative Easing, or printing money we never earned has fed inflation, and will do so insidiously for years to come.

Like high-blood pressure is the silent and invisible killer of people so inflation brings death to nations.

5) By not showing leadership and explaining to the nation the enormity of the problem of our debt crisis* and why we must accept austerity measures in order to realign our economy commensurate with our weakened industrial position Biden has guaranteed that our children, grandchildren and indeed for generations to come, will have to try TO REPAY THE DEBT which we incurred.

6) The fostering of the breakdown in law & order and affording the perpetrators of crime with the status of victim, while telling the real victims to go and yodel up the canyon.